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  • Fallout after deadly American strike in Iran l ABC News

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  • A sea of Iranian mourners screamed “death to America” as they packed the streets to pay tribute to General Soleimani who was killed by a U.S. drone strike last week. READ MORE: https://abcn.ws/2QTyXGW

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    Edna Castro says:

    You all people so expert I. Political and religion. Be ready to be a traveler because you all will be heading to the south migrating to another country when shit goes down here in usa.

    Mark the shark says:

    Lol try something and trump will have an excuse to end you

    JD says:

    We Americans are scared to see that this is most likely going to spark another war… but there is no way Iran will make even a DENT in the US military. The US military is stronger than it has ever been, and our allies are loyal. Don’t be scared everyone, US is and always will be #1

    Allen lee says:

    For a country that says their religion is of peace? For years they've been chanting " Death to America" btwn peaceful prayers! What a joke! The commentators acting as if this is the first time Iran & the peaceful people have done this ?

    Jose Avila says:

    The draft is coming

    Emre Guven says:

    Terroriste usa

    Andre Ramos says:

    Death to TERRORISTS… No one wants wars but no one also don't want terrorists free to do whatever they want.

    K5 says:

    Seeing all these people love soloimani is making me think he maybe wasn’t a bad guy and our government is lieing to us

    Bad Hombre713 says:

    Bullshit fake news

    Valerie Vallonga says:

    The problem w/ “getting out of these crazies countries” is they will continue to harass U.S. & innocents…Most of these people are happy the 👹 is ⚰️…Iranians forced to come out & act like they care (most) or they’ll be killed!!! Stfu Martha , & George Leftist 👹

    Swan CSS says:


    Swan CSS says:

    WOW I thought ABC was an American news network. Today i found out it's an iranian news network. Did anyone else notice that the news lady was mourning For SalamiHalami she had her head covered WOW . That was ABC's hero.

    Shawn Watterson says:

    Well I'm not bored with my life so I'm not gonna be overdramatic about this shit

    Luke and Raine says:

    You here the sadness in her voice talking about the funeral ?, which side are they on?

    Vazha Gabunia says:

    why did they killed him? any idea? just interested (no sarcasm)

    Dylan Baird says:

    I wasnt bothered until they mentioned nuclear

    Cloud9Photography says:

    fucking bastard piece of shit trump

    Slayergonewild says:

    What an actual joke showing the american flag burned on live video they are testing their luck.

    Starscream says:

    Iran trying to get clapped? Say less.

    BillyDeplorable Breaking News says:

    Your all a disgrace to Americans. Shame on media

    ExoticWasp - _ - says:

    It’s weird how if this world war shit goes down hundreds of years from now it will be in kids text book

    Lynn Euliano says:

    Go get em" Trump those pos I cannot wait to see a bright fire level there country these assholes need to be leveled get rid of the bastards there good for nothing there screwing with the wrong country!!!!

    Sundering Loki says:

    Americas are terrible…

    Don Bellmore says:

    This network is more retarded than a Kardashian

    Руслан Сайров says:

    2020 is a good figure for the apocalypse

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