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  • Former Giuliani associate implicates Trump in Ukraine scandal with new evidence

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  • Former Rudy Giuliani associate Lev Parnas insisted he was working on President Trump’s behalf when he pressured Ukrainian leaders to investigate the Bidens, while the president has denied even knowing Parnas. In addition to Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, Parnas implicated a host of officials who he says knew about the Ukraine pressure campaign. Nancy Cordes reports on the new evidence from Capitol Hill.

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    alexdravilas says:

    the mysterious whistle blower!

    N2D Gaming says:


    DLTD says:

    Harnass better watch his back .. some how there might be a couple shanks back there …


    fuyoutube says:

    Do you refuse to accept any facts if they conflict with your personal beliefs? Is your IQ below 90? Then Vote Trump 2020

    Danny v says:

    And no one thinks its weird that these guys come back later and claim they were promised a lighter sentence like Cohen?

    EDP446 EDP446 says:

    There’s always going to be another witch hunt. Until he’s out of office there’s always going to be new indisputable evidence that is always too far fetched to do anything

    The media lies. The dems eat that propaganda up. Nothing new

    MaxSAgent86 says:

    LMAO…. CBS…. And you DO… See B.S.

    Mark Logsdon says:

    They are more desperate every day.

    Sleven eightyeight says:

    Spilling so much tea 🤣 Gayle is too much

    Tyler Ledesma says:

    Somebody needs to pressure him to just cut off his hair, he’s not fooling anyone lol 😂

    2Legit 2BReal says:

    So, exposing corruption of Joe and Hunter Biden in Ukraine is against the law?

    Denzel 'My Niqqa' Washington says:

    Kids dont say "Spilling the tea" these days…..
    LOL. CBS is so fake.

    Face Off says:


    Scott O says:

    A crook looking to tell the truth now… Seems legit – NOT! 🤣

    ThirdEyeCyclops says:

    Just another cockroach that will be discredited. He has no way of proving the Presidents intent. Was the Presidents phone call about uncovering massive corruption involving the Bidens and billions of our dollars or was the phone call just about smearing a possible political rival? Since Joe Biden can barely finish a sentence and is a political threat to no one I think the answer is clear to anyone with a brain. The President has every right to go after corruption. He is keeping his promise to drain the swamp. Joe Biden is a corrupt swamp rat along with Pelosi and both their sons.

    M says:

    After daily claims of finding proof why Trump must be removed from office that always seem to fall short, I will wait and see.

    Scott Heffernan says:

    Whats to sort out, timing? The truth is the truth no matter what time it is. The trial needs to have witnesses.

    Bradley Short says:

    Oh how the trumptarded idiots will be crying fake news fake news 😭😭😭😭😭 🖕🏻 bunch of idiots 😭😭😭😭😭

    The Dude Dude says:

    This guy was bought by the dems. He has no proof of anything.

    William Kievit says:

    The president says he has the best people, funny how so many of them are corrupt.

    Becky Buttdumpling says:

    Trump didn't do anything wrong. The Bidens did.

    Water Bearer says:

    Just as the articles of impeachment are released by Cruella Deville…interesting.

    Angelo 23 says:

    They just throwing spaghetti on the wall, hoping something will stick…

    RoB ERoB says:

    😭😭Liberal tears when they find out that Trump is acquitted after they delay the trial until after the election and he can get 8 more years as president when he wins the reelection in November

    Donnie Holder says:

    And they let Rachel Maddow do the interveiw.What a joke.These morons will stop at nothing to advance their demon agenda.Maybe we just impeach the entire DEMONcratic party because THEY ARE NOT FOR THIS COUNTRY AT ALL..TRUMP 20/20

    Scooby Doo says:

    Hmm. He has direct evidence, absolutely not. His case was shattered on the Maddow. He is also bing prosecuted by New York State Attorney who prosecuted Cohen so there just a little bias. What I find hilarious is Russians who are apparently our friend.

    PDSwag says:

    I wonder how much the DNC paid this guy off to lie to everybody 🤔

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