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  • Former Texas Ranger Josh Hamilton Arrested On Allegation Of Injury To A Child

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  • Former Texas Ranger Josh Hamilton turned himself in this afternoon in Fort Worth on an allegation of injury to a child, a 3rd degree felony.


    Jeigh Lynn says:

    The kids of rich people are spoiled rotten. At least Josh didn't strangle her. I am so sorry you are offended by the Ferrari I bought you dear. Give me a break.

    Sarita you’d like to meeta says:

    I wonder what boy she’s running off with. Criminalizing the sometimes necessary punishment for out of control teenagers is why we have so many disrespectful and pos young adults running around. There is a difference between BEATING your kids and disciplining them so they learn morals, respect and stay on track and not do certain things again- to become successful adults and realize how much their parents cared when they did those things when they were a teen…

    GalaxyZ says:

    Free My Boy Hamilton

    Ed Hartgrove says:

    At 1:35 into the video: SMILE! You're on Cruelty Camera

    Steve W says:

    The rangers will investigate and free him.

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