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  • Fox & Friends [8AM-FULL] 10/10/19 | URGENT!TRUMP BREAKING NEWS O­c­t­o­b­e­r 10, 2019

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    • Turkey rebuffs U.S. calls for truce in Syria, demands Kurdish fighters disarm - The Washington Post October 16, 2019
      Turkey rebuffs U.S. calls for truce in Syria, demands Kurdish fighters disarm  The Washington PostTrump trashes Graham over criticism of Syria policy  CNNPence and Pompeo to travel to Turkey to discuss cease-fire in Syria  CBS NewsTrump's letter to Turkey's Erdogan shows the U.S. is struggling to keep up with Ankara  NBC NewsTrump in letter to Erdoğan: 'Don't be a […]
    • Democrats say Trump had a 'meltdown' at White House meeting - CNN October 16, 2019
      Democrats say Trump had a 'meltdown' at White House meeting  CNNPelosi strategy questioned after refusing authorization vote on impeachment inquiry  Fox NewsWhite House scrambles to slow impeachment push as explosive secrets spill behind closed doors  CNNLast night's Democratic debate proved that it's going to be very difficult to defeat Trump  Washington ExaminerWhat to expect when you are expecting impeachment  The […]
    • Expert: Kim Jong Un photo shows something big about to happen - CNN October 16, 2019
      Expert: Kim Jong Un photo shows something big about to happen  CNNKim Jong Un’s silly horse photos contain a serous message  Vox.comKim Jong Un Paints Himself as a 'Demi-God' Who is Ready to Defy Trump, North Korea Expert Says  NewsweekKim rides horse on sacred peak, vows to fight US sanctions  The Boston GlobeNorth Korea bizarre propaganda photo-shoot sees Kim […]
    • Brexit: Frantic search for a last-minute deal - BBC News - BBC News October 16, 2019
      Brexit: Frantic search for a last-minute deal - BBC News  BBC NewsBrexit edges towards the endgame | Parliament LIVE  The SunBrexit: 'No deal tonight', UK government source says  BBC NewsA Brexit Deal Would Offer Parliament Two Types of Misery  BloombergThe Guardian view on the dash for a deal: Johnson’s Brexit is more dangerous than Theresa May’s  The GuardianView full coverage […]
    • 20 ancient wooden coffins discovered in Egyptian necropolis - Fox News October 16, 2019
      20 ancient wooden coffins discovered in Egyptian necropolis  Fox NewsEgypt archaeologists find 20 ancient coffins near Luxor  BBC NewsArchaeologists discover more than 20 sealed coffins just as the ancient Egyptians left them  The Washington PostMystery as 20 sealed Egyptian coffins found ‘like the ancients left them’ – and they could be CURSED  The SunView full coverage on Google News
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    Jon Smyth says:

    1 second videos will get you banned from my channel

    Maize jo Luther says:

    You have been censored.

    mm devolange says:

    That's not a full episode it's 1 second what's the matter with this wake up have another cup of coffee

    Mr Gotrocks says:

    Expose em Trump SEARCH President JFK I exposed a plot summary , he was assassinated 7 days later for just talking about exposing this thing in our guvernment SEARCH President Roosevelt tells all before he dies < he names names they didn't have the internet we have had many many warnings

    Monte Williams says:

    They don't want anyone to know that Hunter is the whistleblower.

    whileu slept says:

    Btw, throw out that fox impeachment poll, guess who fox hired to create fake anti trump polls….. never Trumper Paul Ryan,former speaker and anti trump fake Republican Paul Ryan is working behind the scenes to damage Trump he is their pollster no doubt he only called Democrats for that fake poll

    Mark Parrish says:

    Steve you reap what you sow

    Rita Beitz says:

    There happens to be so much hatred coming from most democrats that it is hard to speak with them. Our country is clearly divided and it is two sides, one loving Trump and the other hating Trump. There is little in between. If the conversations between friends is limited to the weather and what you are having for dinner, it just is a surface relationship. People are passionate about who is running this country and it does effect everyone personally. But the situation in not about supporting our president or not supporting our president, because those who do not support him, hate him. It doesn't make sense and clearly demonic. The facts are that Trump does not support abortion and those that do are always democrats. People just want the right to kill their babies. It is sad, but these are the facts. Abortion has been shoved under the carpet and kept secret for years and this is why it has gone on so long. People do feel guilty and ashamed about it, so they will not discuss it. This is the deceit of Satan, for secrecy is at the heart of every demonic practice. Child sacrifice, Satanic abuse, child trafficking, the sex trade, and abortion. All of these practices are shedding blood of the innocent and feeding the power of Satan. There are many that are involved from the top down, and it is all evil and demonic. Most all democrats are either non Christian or atheists, so this point makes great sense. The globalists would never try and brainwash conservatives, because most of them are against abortion, believe in God and everything including our freedoms that come along with it. The facts are that this subject alone is polarizing and everyone knows it. It is also a hot button subject and full of passion. This makes the situation between these two opinions volatile and dangerous. People with real sense are waking up and realizing this. It is the critical thinking crowd that happen to be democratic that are now waking up and seeing the truth. Truth is, it is very hard to have a close relationship with two of these opposing forces. And by the way, Bush is a globalist and globalists support Hollywood. The mere fact that Ellen and Bush are friends is no shock, it is in fact in line with the elite globalist agenda, period. People are so ignorant, and just plain cannot think for themselves!

    Solar Destroyer says:

    The mafia call those jobs "no shows"

    Randy Lail says:

    Democrats murdered sports and masculinity.
    They want all soy boy's and no real men in sight.

    Randy Polizzi says:

    A Democrat placing an ad on CNN is a huge waste of money. Most all their viewers have Trump derangement syndrome. Talk about preaching to the choir

    randle guill says:

    Trump's OTHER "attorney general"…
    These Republican scumbags have asked for the MERCILESS RETALIATION that is looming, … Like a black cloud on the horizon… …
    DIRTY Donald just lost his appeal to keep hiding his crooked tax information from the House ….lmao!

    Braddah Bu says:


    Michael Smith says:

    Boycott NBA

    Kim Coughlin says:

    Love Matt Whitaker he is so handsome and smart..if this whistle blower was on the other side then you would have to worry about his safety pretty bloody sad really..democrats need to be stopped

    Dañe Highfield says:

    Well, in all fairness, Bush is responsible for a million innocent lives. And Ellen is a douchehole! 🤭

    Dañe Highfield says:

    "Hunter, you're a Loser! HOW THE HELL DID YOU GET $1.5BILLION FROM CHINA?"
    "HUNTER!" 😁🍿🤣

    d wilson says:

    Whitaker is a TRAITOR and Criminal just like Trump and Pence and Russian Dogshit. Fox news is the TRAITOR TRUMP Network.

    Mark Brynteson says:

    Trump is absolutely right, the demarcates wants to run everything including YOU! Look at what they are doing, trying to get rid of a President WE ELECTED, we the people elected because they don’t like him. Screw them and we need to stand up to them nut jobs and smack them down

    Mary Blake says:

    our Republic NOT our democracy!!!

    Leah Burchett says:

    Bush is guilty of killing many many people (Iraq lie and 911). He's a killer and should be (at the least) behind bars.

    Kwich Zwellbreck says:

    Ah California forest "naturalization" = not clearing underbrush/dead trees brings another way of revenueation of nature = cleansing fires … not so good for humans and animals on the short term but good fertelizer for the midterm ….. "green" lunatics at work

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