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  • Fox & Friends First 01/14/20 [4AM] | Breaking News Fox News January 14, 2020

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  • Fox & Friends First 01/14/20 [4AM] | Breaking News Fox News January 14, 2020


    Sharon Roe says:

    Thank you for posting this video !  It's almost complete with not a lot of cuts.  I appreciate your efforts, since I can't afford cable.  Again thank you.

    Walden Smith says:

    Good morning Heather thks for bringing us the news.

    Truth- Dickhead says:

    Heather and Carly……..sooo delicious!

    Jerry Swagerty says:

    Dems State to State wealth tax only makes everyone medium income. Nothing to reach for. JLSwag

    Maurice Belanger says:

    WOW Spartacus “ Booker “ fell off is chariot 😀😂🤣

    Kathy Franzman says:

    How stupid. Go to Google to get the info. They know everything about everyone.

    Deep Thinker says:

    Thank GOD that we have a strong leader who does what he says.

    Darlene Dubey says:

    Oprah’s kids get wiegh watchers Americans get amazon ass

    Darlene Dubey says:

    Hillary gets historical food buffets while Americans eat Obamacare whipped butter noodles

    Darlene Dubey says:

    Heather nothing personal must do my civic duty

    Darlene Dubey says:

    Americans choose a rapist president with pleasure

    Darlene Dubey says:

    Americans rip out networks for oprah

    Darlene Dubey says:

    Rapist trump is Americans safist way to go we got his back

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