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  • FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace 11/17/19 | Breaking Fox News Novemb­e­r 17 , 2019

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  • FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace 11/17/19
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    Rezaul Karim says:

    Bring all first hand people to testify…how about that???

    Rezaul Karim says:

    Scallis seems do not have anything under His Scull …………

    Mark Inder says:

    Looking forward to my weekly dose of Wallace's barely disguised never-Trumpism.

    jack jones says:

    If the democrats ( and maybe the 'deep state' ) did not have the main stream media's 96% NEGATIVE news reporting on the Trump administration, blasting mind nimbing , brain scrambling , bull chit TRASH NEWS over the airwaves daily….the democrats and the left would ALREADY be GONE. The ONLY reason the democrats are able to spew their ridiculous crap is due to the TOTAL SUPPORT of every little ridiculous idiotic idea and thought that they come up with by the MSM.

    Allen Buck says:

    You are all missing the point. The Bidens are corrupt and did need and do need to be investigated…. Duh…

    jack jones says:

    The 3 pardons ??……How about we just do not fight any more…..we'll just travel abroad, get shot by the enemy, and if we survive, we come home. We never fight, we just show up and let the enemy kill us…..it's either that, or get a court martial and maybe life in prison for killing the enemy…..what a fkn joke !!

    jack jones says:

    If you let the " soul " of the country rest with the democrats / liberals / and socialists….then you have no clue about what's really going oh here….I would go as far as to say if that's where your soul rests, then you do not deserve the USA. The MSM has clearly poisoned your mind with 3 years of BRAIN WASHING, or else you were ALWAYS a 'wrong thinking' person.

    jack jones says:

    The questions should NOT be about Trump…..THEY SHOULD BE ABOUT THE BIDEN'S AND THE OBAMA'S AND WHAT THEY DID…….WHAT they DID. Period. This is totally OPPOSITE of what SHOULD be going on. THE DEMOCRATS should be under investigation. The impeachment BS is exactly that, BS,…..any body that cannot see that is a total moron. BIDEN IS CORRUPT AND SO IS HIS SON. IF BIDEN CAN DO THIS, THEN OUR ENTIRE GOVERNMENT IS CORRUPT !!!!!

    jack jones says:

    Wallace can go to hell. I hope he leaves Fox and goes home or to another network. Of course WALLACE has a DEMOCRAT on saying Trump did the wrong thing by pardoning those 3 guys. What a fkn surprise, I'm shocked….a democrat opposing WHATEVER Trump does, who knew ?? The democrats are SICK. DC is SICK because of the democrats and the OBAMA holdovers and the CORRUPTION of the DEMOCRATS and the MOLES they have in government.

    richard cook says:

    Chris why don’t you go to cnn where you belong. They love fake news over there. Democrats are reaching for straws. There is no collusion, They are just mad that their candidate, Hillary lost. Adam Schiff, Pelosi and a whole of others will face the people of this great country for wasting our tax payer dollars for this circus

    Jim Scott says:

    It an of treason to encourage or asking a foreign government to prosecute American citizens.

    Elwood S says:

    Only dem operatives can lie to congress

    Mikesse Jones says:

    🗣️Yes.. don't go under the bus Scalise…jump in front of the Train. 🇺🇸👁️👁️

    Mikesse Jones says:

    🗣️ Scabies should have been left on the field… With the rest of the bugs. 👁️👁️

    livydman says:

    These panel members are mental children. We can’t find another KRAUTHAMMER? Marie Harf? Jillian Turner? Pro PMRC Juan Williams? Are you shitting me? This is the best they can do at FOX News? Why not address the elephant in the room? How did Joe Biden’s son, a coke head who couldn’t manage to stay clean long enough to pass a simple piss test and was drummed out of the navy, get positions on the boards of corrupt organizations on a global level? This is a joke.

    mariocrivera1000 says:

    Himes Is an idiot.

    p c says:

    sure thankful Juan didn't get to put out his typical BS for very long

    p c says:

    Wallace and Chuck Todd would make a good team on CNN…..they think just alike

    mariocrivera1000 says:

    Sacalese Is going to burn in hell.

    p c says:

    its fairly clear which people would even consider to swallow the idea or vote for Pete and that would leave the majority of voters to refuse or impossible to allow into office of our President….our former fore fathers would yak about the idea

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