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  • FULL Morning Joe 10/28/19 [6AM] | PRESIDENT TRUMP Breaking News Oct 28, 2019

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  • FULL Morning Joe 10/28/19 [6AM] | PRESIDENT TRUMP Breaking News Oct 28, 2019


    Crystle Lackey says:

    What? They use the internet better than anyone other than Donald Trump???? He was whimpering? Who told you that?

    Rebecca Jones says:

    Made my day! Lock him up perfect. Thank you to wonderful crowd saying it as it should be! Sad? Americans have a say. It is American when all else has failed! When you have a dictator in office you must speak up! Calm down, that is what hitlers people did.they calmed down they rolled over snd were mowed over! Get him out and GOP mafia! He took credit for leader of ISIS being killed, bull, it is the soliders that putvtheir lives on the line.

    Maroon Delight says:

    JOE SCARBOROUGH, LOOK YOURSELF IN THE MIRROR!! YOU'RE A BIG HYPOCRITE AND A WIMP!! Deep inside you did whish to be in that crowd chanting the same and more. BE REAL. LOCK HIM UP!!..🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

    Paulette Morgan says:

    No Trump we are not going to show how he died.I don't think so.Listen to the professional tell yo why that is no done.

    Kattie Alcala says:

    So Joe was it unamerican when you started Moscow Mitch???

    muuuuuud says:

    Trump getting pelted with "lock him up" is just him getting back what he sowed. What goes around comes around.

    Edward Pincus says:

    Trump doesn't give a fig for "the American Economy," except insofar as he himself can benefit from it to add to his fortune. He is selling away this country for his personal gain.

    Gwen Davlin says:

    Joe, I think you are click baiting us all with your “un American” comment. This was a form of protest against a man who wrongly says this all the time. It was free speech. And, sickened? Trump should be out of office and put in prison.
    free speech is un American? Mass protest is un American? No. Donald Trump is un American! Lock him up.

    Poosley says:

    Ugh, I might have to get actual television or something because the fake reuploads with the fat ugly "NATIONAL BREAKING TRUMP NEWS" at the bottom is cringe-inducing D:

    flying Snow says:

    What does it means when Trump says troops will be transfered and used more to protect the oil. I ask whos oil. How come the americans get the idea they rule the world. And why the american oil is buried in some arabic or persian soil and sand? Could it be that it belongs to the arabs? As a eurpean i just question the friendship to the US, are they relyable or if the wind turns they shut you from behind? Thats not american bashing. We know there are a lot of americans which don't support the why of the Trump policie. But i am honestly concerned about our western values which getting poisened by hypocrisism and greed. It takes away all our credit and makes us unbelievable

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