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  • FULL Morning Joe 10/28/19 [7AM] | PRESIDENT TRUMP Breaking News Oct 28, 2019

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  • FULL Morning Joe 10/28/19 [7AM] | PRESIDENT TRUMP Breaking News Oct 28, 2019


    PokerTr says:

    FULL Morning Joe 10/28/19 [8AM] : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3FCKzfCr1OY

    suzi perret says:

    Illegal quid pro quo , all confirmed. TraitorTrump is against the wall, shouting and whimpering, hoping it’s a really bad dream, and he can still be the big daddy, and Hitler in charge.

    KO Nineteen says:

    John Kelly is invested heavily & on the board of directors at Caliburn—a company that’s making $300+millions this year “jailing” immigrant children separated from their families in their “detention” centers‼️He’s a greedy unethical racist, irredeemable by his association with the Orange Shitgibbon‼️

    Peter Holland says:

    MAGA2020 MakeAssholesGoAway and vote.

    Carolyn Peca says:

    Really? You’re comparing Trump killing this POS to people who killed numerous innocent people, including their own? The POS hide behind 3 children and then decided to kill them bc he didn’t want to face consequences for his choice — including repeatedly raping a 26 humanitarian and then killing her when she refused to convert to Islam.

    This kind of reporting makes me question ALMOST EVERYTHING that comes out of your mouths — you are blinded by your hatred or self-importance you are incapable of fair minded thinking.

    Frank Maitland says:

    Lawfare guy is like watching paint dry

    Trisha A. says:

    Who can trump call a coward ?
    A man who didn't serve this country when called upon to serve, we all know who the coward is !!!
    That would be trump !!!

    GET RAD says:

    trump is trash

    T Tara says:

    Trump is a traitor to his own people. He is not a smart man and he looks like a traitor . He's ignorant and has a dangerous tongue. Pitiful!

    Carrie Siesser says:

    genius of the president. lol

    Suellen Carey-Clarke says:

    Joe, don't keep giving air to trump's ugly speech. You just reinforce it… as bad as it was, repeating it over and over is worse. You should know better.

    Mix Lennoxx says:

    Vile Republican war-criminals.

    Justice Boofer says:

    President Donald Dirtbag

    swamp thing says:

    Impeach the pumpkin 🎃

    lesia Pellerino says:

    There is only one Dog and that is you donny,Putin's Sobaka, Bitch.

    Honey Bee says:

    I'll I can say is wow this guy is a dam disgraced

    waheeda mohammed says:

    Once again who is this fucking trump? Ans Putin's bitch.

    Jim Sworld says:


    karen doyle says:

    This is what happens to people given high-profile jobs in the Whitehouse – they suddenly think that every thought they have, every word they utter, deserve to be heard; but what they don't understand is the world sees first-hand what fools they really are. Any good people Trump had around him have had the good sense to leave; the sycophants stay to the bitter end.

    Rosemarie Kammerloch says:

    What's rediculous is all these people that Trump claims he hardly knows or speaks against him are always people he previously hired to high and important positions all worked for him.

    GREEN DEVIL says:

    Why is White House spokesperson Stephanie Grisham never on camera? The only picture i've seen of her she looks like a crazy person.Surely they don't want that (?)Or maybe they do.

    mary humphreys says:


    Merrilou Neigenfind says:

    Trump is evil. Birds of a feather…

    Pamela Bergner says:

    Dear Lord help me get thru this trump person he is a disgrace to our country.0

    GREEN DEVIL says:

    May all of the 40 virgins the Jihadis promise "martyrs" like el-Baghdadi be fat and ugly.

    Karen Byrd says:

    Remember folks, Mulvaney was "thrown out" of the Oval Off. when his coughing disturbed Dear Leader during an interview.

    Karen Byrd says:

    Stephanie sounds a lot like how Magda Goebbels sounded about Adolf Hitler. Complete hero worship.

    Gloria Mcfadden says:

    What's in you is in you

    Whirlwind S says:

    Dear Red state voters. Please put on your thinking hat, and do not vote for this corrupt man for PRESIDENT AGAIN. He does not deserve your trust and certainly not your vote.

    Old Seer says:

    Bone's! Where are you Spurs? Your daddy Puuuie is calling. You forgot to give him his daily briefing on all America's Top Security Info .. shame on you. Spur's. Call your Daddy, now! That's a direct order from your REAL cabinet at FOX human scum network.

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