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    B Smooth Entertainment says:

    REACTION VIDEO: https://youtu.be/AHmhL45q3KU

    Philip Orallo says:

    First of all shame on u picking the bucks to win. Cant u see that these celtics are going to the finals???? Yea its early but just look at this teams CHEMISTRY. I told u they will win 53 b4 the season started I think last nights win was a statement win and now I will change that 53 wins to 58 wins. They r that good. Remember that. No need to trade Gordon for Steven Adams. NAH forget that. I love this team and it has great POTENTIAL!!!!!! They shouldve played better in Philly but that was game1. They learned from that. This team is GOING to get better as the season goes on. NO DOUBT!!! MARK IT DOWN I said it. They have 4 legit scorers in Kemba Gordon Jayson and Jaylen. Bring Marcus off the bench to guard ANYONE. He is the Draymond Green of the team. When Enes comes back he will come off the bench as well. U see the depth of the team. Ur favorite player Daniel Theis stepped up and was huge along with Semi Ojeleye. This team is going to play in JUNE. Hear me now hear me later ENOUGH SAID!!!! BOSTON city of champions!!!!

    Jeeby. Tube says:

    Lmao good clickbait bro 😂

    OG LOC says:

    Imagine if we had Tacko in the lineup …….

    Big Boom says:

    Nah we need to keep all of our player we should trade one of the big men and the Memphis pick for one of those top centers I think Drummond would be the best option tho

    Big Boom says:

    Semi will get better

    Pat Magroyne says:

    Tatum n Hayward tore it up

    Christian Gonzalez says:

    Yo bro i love listening to u youre very smart and i love your analysis BUT PLEASE GET SOME SOUND PROOF AROUND UR MIC pleeeease bro the echo is annoying af… just get a buncha egg cartons and but it behind the camara bro pls!!!

    — ESPN hire this man !!

    blackezi3 says:

    1st Half: Kobe Tatum
    2nd Half: Paul Pierce Tatum

    A J says:

    Am i the only one who just sees daniel theis with the ball and am just hope he passes and doesn't turn It over I don't want him shooting ever

    Hulkk Smashh says:

    Smart defense was the biggest thing of this game he guarded the freak and caused a lot of those fouls and when Middleton got hot smart shut him down completely smart kept us in the first half smart was definitely player of the game in my opinion

    Spider Elbow82 says:

    So who do you think should come off the bench and or be 6th man out of Hayward brown smart and Tatum I really think both Hayward and brown shouldn’t just automatically be looked at to go to the bench like last year I really like browns game this year his contract might be smart looking forward. and Hayward has made huge and I mean huge steps to being that guy he was before two years ago he’s attacking he’s shooting his mids and he’s not wearing those damn tall socks anymore lol I think he will win comeback player of the year but also can robert Williams start stepping up and be our Clint capela? Sorry to ramble but just want to see what another c’s fan thinks and I say keep tacko on the rotation if we need board help bam there you go if it was 1987 he’d be starting lol

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