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  • Has Trump kept his oath to America? | Chris Cuomo

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  • CNN’s Chris Cuomo reflects on President Donald Trump’s slogan “America First” and whether or not Republican lawmakers will continue to defend the president’s actions that led to the impeachment inquiry.

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    Phil Hmp says:

    Laura Ingraham just admitted that Fox news is only concerned with promoting Trumps interests. America's interests don't matter to Fox and Trump.
    Traitors! Both of them.

    Helen Lowe says:


    ForsakenGuy says:


    ForsakenGuy says:

    Chris, did Jeff told you to make this Trump bashing video?

    ForsakenGuy says:

    Trump 2020, Yeah!

    Jacob Dillard says:

    CNN still not gonna admit they lied for 2 + years about Russian Collusian (now proven by the Mueller report) and apologize? Nope? M'kay…

    Nomre Name says:

    That title is a rhetorical question, right?

    Blop Jones says:

    He puts Israel first..

    Wonder Wonderful says:

    Trump is not going to like that tweeter is blocking everything that's political across there media from now on…

    thai kim le says:

    Yes most of his promises have been kept. Mr. President is great…!

    osoporro says:

    Yoo needs the dough badly. Pity him please.

    Dre G says:

    CNN is fake news

    Corrine Vermette says:

    Why does Fox and Friends hate America?

    Impromptu says:

    Only Trump could wrap the flag in himself.

    Jim Miller says:

    Like Nixon, Trump tried to covered up illegal acts. The Ukrainians are fighting in mud trenches, eating carrots and onions from wooden crates with little fire power while Russia sends in tanks. So Republicans and Democrats in Congress determine that it is in America's best interest to give them money to stop Russian aggression. Trump withholds the money unless the Ukraine Presidents agrees to dig up dirt on Trumps' opponent Joe Biden in the 2020 election. Our allies may be dying because of Trump's anti American, lawless behavior but Trump says he can shoot someone and Americans won't convict him. I believe most Americans want a law abiding president and society.

    Jonathan Still says:

    No, Trump is doing all he can to disdainfully violate and nullify the Constitution of These United States.

    Andrew Varner says:


    Sheila Pocknett says:

    I'm saddened for our military who must be so disappointed with their Commander in Chief! Awful! I also have a granddaughter, 34 years old who spent 2 years in Afghanistan and saw too much for her young age. She and her fellow soldiers are disheartened because they don't feel they have the backing of their President. God safe us!

    Kryptonarie Lightworker says:

    No, he's abused every aspect of his oath of office.

    Sheila Pocknett says:

    I love you Cuomo! You say it the way it is. Please keep on listening to him. He knows the truth!

    Frank Campos says:

    We have a man who did what most Americans would love to do for their country and fight for our rights. And we have a President who refused to go an fight for our rights when he had the chance. Word heroes and P.O.W. should never be put down or forgotten. It's because of these great men and women Mr President who give up everything and will continue to give up everything that you Sir have the right to be who you are.

    Sharif Nur says:

    You mean raping the flag

    Mighty WhiteE says:

    CNN is corrupt.

    Mighty WhiteE says:


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