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  • Highlights Real Madrid vs CD Leganés (5-0)

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  • Big win for Real Madrid at home against CD Leganes with the goals of Rodrygo, Kroos, Benzema, Sergio Ramos and Jovic #RealMadridLeganés. LaLiga Santander 2019/2020

    Suscríbete al canal oficial de LaLiga Santander en HD | 2019-10-30 00.00h | J11 | RMA | LEG
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    Obinna Obiekwe says:

    Is there no Var in laliga?

    Skerven Boireau says:

    And people tried telling me LaLiga is a more competitive league than Serie A lol. Only games that matter are Barca vs Madrid

    ben ban says:

    I'm not very excited about the goal margin because Real Madrid should be delivering almost every game in this fashion. This should be the normal. I hope the players know this… I hope the players have discovered a new purpose.




    David's Time says:

    Barcelona 5-1
    Madrid 5-0

    NDR3 says:

    Turn the English captions on at 0:00 for something special

    // X //✅ says:

    Let hazard take the pens sometimes so he can get some goals

    Hugo Figueroa says:

    Wait for barsa Ramos then i want to see you doing those mimics of desperation when you can't handle messi and you become (Jason the ax man) throwing kicks left and right dirty m…….there. f……ker🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀

    Hugo Figueroa says:

    This low table teams is where Madrid can show its supremacy
    But once the half table higher teams come we can see how bulnerable and cocky the whole team is enjoy the momentwhen they can trash the small teams come once the show time come to face barsa then Madrid is a totally low class team with joy answer at all.
    Bisca barsa. Arriba messi

    Haytem Beddai says:

    Hazard it's ***

    Emanuel Voelker says:

    Yea sure, the goalkeeper moved too early. Just give Real Madrid the goals for free. I say this as a Real Madrid fan. COME ON

    Sasuke Uchiha says:


    SicarioSLV says:

    Jovic such a humble player 🙏🏼 i believe he can score 30+ goals a season

    G B says:

    Hazard genuinely is a sidemans sideman at Madrid

    Eh Itz Eagle says:

    Jovic could have legit scored a hat trick, but hey 1 goal is still gud

    HiddenGodful says:

    so Hazard created a penalty and somehow ramos decided he was gonna score it? Wtf is wrong with this team lmao.
    How hazard gonna have confidence if he cannot score

    Arthur Morgan says:


    Hala Madrid

    Didier Mekboul says:

    ola coucou where is hazard?

    anthony 123 says:

    i wish they at least one of the penalties to hazard

    Mararoth Koroth says:

    5 goals and none from hazard. Did he became the 2nd referee in this match?

    ѵαɳεɱαร _11 says:

    Fighting with the bottom team? No need to be proud

    Ole Abdallah says:

    ❤Karim كريم ❤

    Stacey Fonseca says:

    Rodrygo n Jovic more please

    Nuggets no brawler says:


    Panda's Vlog says:

    Real only won because their opponent are not a top club, Madrid don't stand a chance against Barca!!!
    Vamos barca!!🔵🔴

    Sofwan Napri says:

    Karim the beast

    Danio says:

    Ruszyła maszyna

    Jakob Lundby says:

    Finally jovic scored haha
    Rodrygo over vinicius ANY DAY
    Big benz doing his thing

    Muhammad Rama says:

    Paduka lord kanjeng putra matahari Benzema 🔝

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