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  • Hockey Broadcaster Don Cherry Fired For Comments About 'You People'

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    Mad-Cyantist says:

    My family hate that term "You People"

    Blu Peppers says:

    An old man with an old dog

    Gary Hawkins says:

    Jimmy the Greek Comments that got him fired.

    It's the non-religious need to feel righteous and send "others" with whom they disagree to a form of perdition. Notice I didn't characterize that as bad, nor good. It just is.

    Cost Gwala says:

    Man idk bout this one. Fair but I move smart legal guns dark tint if it's after 12am I won't go in a store with any white people in it after dark times to strange to trust any . I don't hate anyone just know who not to fw . I got white friends and my fiance is half white from what I know like 80% of whites are racist it's like a good 5% that ain't the rest will fw who ever benefits the m

    Miss. Wright says:

    We the people must stand up to Al Rogers Jazeera, and defend our most valued CDN sports program – Coaches Corner ! Rogers made a grave mistake attacking Canada's biggest sports staple and youth hockey supporter !

    J.D. Elliott says:

    So let me get this straight. PM Justin Trudeau who was caught on camera multiple times wearing black face & groped a woman w/o her permission at a concert can have no shade caste on him as he gets re-elected. But Don Cherry gets fired for asking immigrants to show patriotism? Make that, make sense?

    Tarik Pasic says:

    Refering to immigrants as "you people" singles them out needlessly and makes them feel like a burden for no reason. Why is Cherry's firing disgusting? He was given an opportunity to make it right and he opted to die on the hill of 'being a tough guy'. Hard to feel bad for someone who is that arrogant.

    Saxa says:

    Bla bla bla. Don had a great point.

    Roberto Davila says:

    Lmao “ Someone who fought in the civil war and lost” 😂😂💀💀💀

    Quillons1 says:

    YOU fuckin' people just can't wait to find something to be offended over and Canada is a sunken ship of liberalism. By the way, you know EXACTLY what I fuckin' mean…

    TheKaisama says:

    Charlamagne being a race baiting prick? Nice to see this dickhead hasn't changed a bit.

    Q Trucker says:

    Corny donkey of the day

    edub187 says:

    On behalf of all Canadians we would like to denounce steve as white he is now the colour neutral I can name at least 15 black players in the nhl of the top of my head ….I realize that still isn't many but there are also east Indians and Asians in the league and other mix races …. You sound stupid when u say 2 like u know what your talking about ….Also it doesn't matter what race u are it comes down to being able to skate well and excel at the sport same reason the nba is predominantly black Stay woke u dummys

    Bria Nicole says:

    I don’t see nothing wrong

    Elias Spence says:

    Americans are so ignorant to anywhere else but America 😂😂😂

    Liam Middleton says:

    Don Cherry is 100% right

    Troy Goss says:

    I think his statement was blown way out of proportion. People are looking for a reason to be offended.

    Eric Perry says:

    Canadian african american 😅

    Heather says:

    Left-wing- liberals fascists and corrupt media brainwash people and introduce censorship.

    Morgan's Vaping Reviews says:

    No, his only point was that we should all wear the poppy, his words were taken out of context, he has always used that term, look at this https://twitter.com/anthonyfurey/status/1194676636291158016?s=09

    Rose J says:

    Did CTG say saying immigrants would have been better?

    Outside Looking In says:

    Canada has a military that died to bring them what?🤣😂

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