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  • House Republicans Want Hunter Biden And Whistleblower To Testify At Impeachment Hearings | NBC News

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  • House Republicans issued their list of requests for public testimony in the impeachment hearings. President Trump told reporters that there shouldn’t be any hearings, then tweeted that Speaker Nancy Pelosi, former Vice President Joe Biden and House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff should all face Republican questioning.

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    House Republicans Want Hunter Biden And Whistleblower To Testify At Impeachment Hearings | NBC Nightly News


    Andy C says:

    There needs to be an investigation into the Democratic Party to see if any of them have ties to America!

    slobnoxious says:

    This is going to show the American people just how biased and process this entire process is. Schiff will not allow anybody to testify that hasn't testified already.

    LaughTooHard says:

    The Nothing But Crap network should also be tougher on Joe Biden. NBC is the second CNN.

    Brett Harris says:

    Listen up folks…carefully. The mere fact the republicans are requesting Hunter Biden to testify shows a contradiction in their argument. They said that withholding aid money set aside for the Ukraine had nothing to do with the investigation of the Biden’s, so why request a testimony from [them]?
    They have shown their hand with this request. They are themselves tying the two together

    John Joker says:

    Whistleblower = Eric Ciaramella

    Rosalie Parker says:

    Rump has corrupted the whole Republican party. They know Rump is wrong and because they enable and protect him, he is like an unruly child who gets into all kinds of situations whose parents spoil and bail him out every time he screws up.

    Anonymous says:


    M Masseh S says:

    All while Jared kushner made 122 million in Ukraine last week while being a security advisor

    B.T. says:

    What does Schiff want to hide? If he is sure the Vice President didn’t eliminate his son’s prosecutor, why is he blocking a public hearing?

    Josey Wales says:

    I'm sick of these lies the media ride on the sickness the media ABC NBC MSNBC CNN CBS infect upon the gullable public with a scourge of infection that stinks of a tumor riddled lie that has the Stark reality of death and yet the American people March on and listen as if they were on their way to a church supper….

    Linda Volp says:

    Trump yet again demanding something from the Bidens. Just like when he attacked Hilary, he kept going even when 2 investigations came to the conclusion that there was no illegal activity. The Biden issue was also looked at and came to the same conclusion. Trump's problem is that he hope that either Ivanka or Donny Jr. would be given a similar opportunity, but unlike Hunter, they do not have the education nor the ability to do anything except be a pawn that daddy can use. I am sure that anyone who has information pertaining to the Impeachment Hearing will be asked to testify, and I am sure that many White House Staff will happily comply. While I do not understand why Trump would want Hunter to testify, since, his involvement with the Ukraine is in the past, and it is Trump's attempt to blackmail the Ukrainian Government into launching a new investigation and dig up damning information that Trump could use to destroy Joe Biden. Withholding military aide that has already been approved until the Ukraine gave Trump what he needed for his campaign is a Quid Pro Quo. What really concerns me is that Trump lacks the confidence that he would be able to become re-elected without cheating by asking Foreign Counties to meddle in our voting process. The fact that he stated he saw nothing wrong with looking at information supplied by foreign countries and the fact that he is in debt to banks connected to the same foreign counties he has previously gotten "help" from, tells us that he is a foreign asset and would be willing to be a traitor to avoid being forced to repay money he does not have.

    Kevin Thornton says:

    Warmly received in good ole alabama

    Ringo 17 says:

    And I would like all the Republicans who have refused to answer SUBPOENAS to testify. Mulvaney, Esper, Don McGahan, Annie Donaldson, Rick Perry, Giuliani, Sonderman etal.

    james turner says:

    Investigation 'Burgers' Epstien, Hunter B.,Hilliary,Nancy P.,A. Shiftt ,J.Nadler finallt little Occasional C. these burgers are real juicy DIG IN. Trump2020MAGA Patriots !!

    Andi Amador says:

    They threatened season ticket holders against booing Trump—-and that's in Alabama. Trump sure rolls like a wannabe dictator.

    A summary of a call, just like a summary of an investigation, depends on who is making up that summary, and which details are left out. A summary of a transcript is no more a transcript than a heavily or selectively redacted transcript.

    Terry Bonnell says:

    Double standard is sickening, Biden admits on camera to bribery and extortion to protect his son and it's not a crime because he is a Democrat.

    unleashtheflavor says:

    This is exactly why I’m never voting again but it doesn’t matter anyway so I won’t bother telling you. Btw, your’e welcome – and I don’t care what you think anyway.

    Mark Jones says:

    Nope. Won't happen

    cujo0750 says:

    Biden's Obama and Hillary should all be investigated

    DogLover1900 says:

    What does Hunter Biden have to do with this? Republicans are such hypocrites. There is 0 evidence of either of the Bidens doing anything wrong. If you think I am incorrect, please send me a link to some evidence. Thanks

    Silver Bullet says:

    Democrats are the biggest cry babies.

    Devon Wayne says:

    How do we STOP talking about Epstein?! .. I know. Let's impeach Trump over a phone call and report it every single day

    JJVater says:

    Why would hunter Biden testify for trumps impeachment inquiries when he had nothing to do with trump deciding to do something illegal? That’s a whole different mess to deal with

    No Spam says:

    This latest impeachment hoax is pretty lame. What else do you guys have in your bag of tricks? How's this for a headline, " WHISTLE BLOWER CLAIMS THAT BODIES ARE BURIED UNDER MAR-A-LAGO"..

    Shelley Grabow says:

    This impeachment business is a front to stop Republicans from investigating the Epstein murder and corruption of certain past and present well- known political figures. We all know who they are.

    Leave a Reply to Josey Wales Cancel reply

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