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  • How US Soldiers Killed ISIS Chief Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi: Here's Inside Story

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  • Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi “is dead” in a secret US special forces raid in northwest Syria, President Donald Trump announced on Sunday, saying the elusive leader of the “ruthless” Islamic State and the world’s number one terrorist died “like a dog and like a coward”. Satellite images released by Maxar Technologies, a space technology company show the compound where Baghdadi breathed his last. Here’s is special show on the killing of one of most brutal persons on the land.

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    Rahul Singh says:

    72 log ne dislike Kiya hai..matlb yeh 72 log isis k log hai…inhe bhi thokna padega or inki varish ko bhi…


    Ab america sai koi proof nhi mangega. But INDIA sai jaror mangega .

    Op Gupta says:

    Next hameed Ansari ,Masood Azhar, daud ibrahim

    Truth Trumps says:

    Baghdadi was great who fought fascist American forces.

    Amir Khan says:

    Allah Nahi Bacha paya ~

    Suwar Baghdadi ko ~

    Amir Khan says:

    Ek aur Suwar mara gaya~ Alhumdillah ~

    ram maheshwari says:

    America na modi sa kiya wada nibhaya Jo usne Islamic atankwadi k khilaf Jung ki baat kari… This is what Hindustan…

    Emiway Fan malum hai na says:

    Allha ka bandha Mara gaya

    Baikuntha Bhoi says:

    Wel don Us commando welcome

    Sadre Alam says:

    I am proud of America Force

    Sourav Das says:

    Akher kar Suwar madarchood ka maut Ho hi gaya.

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