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  • Hundreds protest after Iran admits to downing Ukrainian airliner

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  • Protests erupted in Iran Saturday following the Revolutionary Guard’s stunning admission that it unintentionally shot down a Ukrainian airliner after last week’s missile strike on U.S. troops. Hundreds gathered in Tehran to protest the delayed announcement, demanding those responsible be put on trial. Holly Williams reports.

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    Uncle Daddy says:

    Thousands, not hundreds.

    getreza says:

    HUNDREDS gathered to protest…amazing! 🤦‍♂️

    John Lauridsen Jr. says:

    I unintentionally hate all those that are muslim.

    Glenn Mandigo says:


    Philip Fontaine says:

    Hundreds gathered… Why diminish the number CBS…? It was thousands not hundreds.. must CBS be biased about everything?

    Nedews says:

    and why the missile facilities are near the airport!!?!?

    ZigZag says:

    And they want nuclear weapons

    mopthermopther says:

    oh jeez, these people are always whining about something!

    Stanley Hood says:

    Why lie on the first place?
    Would it be wise younthonk twice about being friends with Iran?
    Change in leadership in Iran? How about a change on the mentality of the people?

    Jeremy Jk says:

    Hundreds? Make that many many thousands. Fake news

    johnyGrizzle says:

    Iran deserve to burn to the ground since they elected this regime the fallout should lay on them. I dont feel bad for any of them they all should die!

    pathfinder says:

    To any Iranians in the comment section, are there general public support for the theocratic government? Or is a kind of hostage situation? As i understood it the country was pretty liberal before the Islamic revolution.

    yasko250 says:

    I hope they don't shoot these protesters, like last year

    foulpotato says:

    Cbs, abc, pbs even fox,cnbc are ok
    Cnn,msnbc… 🤮

    Dr.Fuman Chu says:

    How about if Trump supports the democracy movement in Saudi Arabia? Saudi Arabia is tens of times worse than Iran. Oh yes, the Saudis are the allies of the United States, so you shouldn't criticize them.

    WizZard says:

    Yeah, ok, so it’s the American’s fault that Iran had to “accidentally“ shoot down an aircraft containing innocent passengers….. yeah that makes sense. Iran should also blame America for the weather too.

    **Born From Above** says:

    Whatever….Your All Demon's

    Ziba EY says:

    I'm Iranian and I was surprised when I see that much of amount of people come to funeral this act give this government power they think that they have people behind regime but it's not right most of the people are disagree with them and second the reason why people came to his funeral was because the news in here that say he destroy ISIS

    C Tak says:

    time to citizens of iran to remove fundamentalists from power. islam is not a government option.

    Thorn Enzo says:

    cant wait for iran to NUKE itself

    Sathees Prathab says:

    😵😵😵😵 cant belive cbs showing this news.

    KT what it is says:

    We knew they shot it down when it happened

    B K says:

    So pathetic. They murdered innocent people and children shooting down that plane. And this world acts like it's deserving of some protests. Iran needs to be physically punished for murdering the passengers on that flight. I lost a tremendous amount of respect for our silly, old, weak president. Thanks for the sanctions. You killed your political ploy to get you support from the hill billies. What about that wall? I hate this government and all the stupid ugly fat disposable miserable people that think trump personally cares about them

    willem hollgleider says:

    How you like you revolution now lol

    João Santos says:

    Bunch of paid actors.

    Friend of Tellus says:

    Government of Iran; now it is time to calm things down ! You are much disliked amongst your own people, not even mentioning the rest of the world !

    John Lalawethika says:

    CBS it was not "hundreds" . It was thousands across the entire country. Still trying to protect the Iranian government by downplaying any unrest in the country.

    richard kuda says:

    Why are there dictators and religious people even in 2020?

    Erin Thor says:

    Wow… So trump actually was telling the truth. (Falls off chair)

    StrnFn9099 says:

    Only ones not protesting Iran is the unpatriotic Demorats.

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