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  • Inside an Iraqi air base attacked by Iran

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  • No one has claimed responsibility for the newest attack on an Iraqi air base north of Baghdad on Sunday that wounded four members of Iraq’s military. The attack follows Iran’s missile strike last week on two Iraqi bases that house hundreds of U.S. troops. Holly Williams went to one of them, the Ain al-Asad air base, to get a look at the damage.

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    Петър Низамов Petar Nizamov says:

    The base is American , USA, not Iraqy.

    fglebre says:

    CNN is not happy.
    If at least one American soldier had died they could accuse Trump.

    Lee Hansen says:

    Military personnel, & a general is a soldier & part of the military, & he was a terrorist!
    That criteria is the reason he was killed! He was in another country, Iraq, he was plotting an attack against the U S!
    He was a HERO in Iran & loved by the Mullahs BECAUSE he killed 600 plus Americans both soldiers & civilians!
    That makes him a combatant & a terrorist!
    IF you defend him or his actions, against your countrymen, YOU are a traitor!
    End of the lesson on the war against terrorism 101, for all you snowflakes.
    I hope you took notes there will be a quiz later! I'm a veteran & I understand the UCMj! The uniform code of military justice & so should YOU! 🇺🇲

    Esa Shaik says:

    Iran only destroyed the base used in carrying out an assassination on Irans commando.

    Esa Shaik says:

    Does Trump call this minimal damage ?😂😂

    me huss says:

    Minimal damage says Trump 😑

    Bone Spurs says:

    Seems like all is well

    zoki kostadinov says:

    Minutes and not 6 hours notice which they gave to IRAQ and Finland ?

    CDC 232 says:

    Religion of HATE doing what it knows best

    Slowpoke Rodriguez says:

    Trump: all is well 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

    Satyam says:

    All is well!

    pinch mesh says:

    Is it just me, or has Iran, the media, and democrats teamed up to try to get democrats elected in 2020 ? Trump was elected for a reason. He will be reelected for the same reason. Democrats can go find other work. Maybe their cabal can make some suggestions or just furnish a bunch of cash.

    cecil castlemaine says:

    So Iraq is going to get away with this ?

    Andy says:

    The fact is Iranians publicly announced that they informed Iraq/US about the attack so they go to shelters. Their main target was US military assets, not US troops.

    MoFlyboy Blanquito says:

    Remember US strike on solemani were retaliation for a American contractor.

    CD-R aka C. Rottman says:

    Kinda tacky to have the three smiling faces of reporters pop up on screen immediately after reporting on potentially deadly airstrikes.

    Anders Liljevall says:

    This war game must stop. It is ridiculous from both sides. WAR IS THE ULTIMATE FAILURE!

    Alexander Faust says:

    I'm not convinced that shoot down was an "accident". I wonder just who was on that plane.

    EpicEternal says:

    For those of you that are interested in truth, Iranians officially tipped off our forces through Iraqi prime minister before launching their missiles and that US forces have to evacuate. They said it’s just a warning to US forces to leave Iraq for ever. Apparently our poor veterans have to stay until getting killed by warmongers in our Media and administration. We need war to sell our weapons. Peace is for cultural societies.

    Kwum aix says:

    Nuke Israel and be done w it

    Я в инете says:

    Russia supplies weapons and must be recognized as the sponsor of terrorism!

    Jabu Said says:

    Where are the Ameriacn air deffence systeam? Why the didnt protect the base.

    David Russell says:


    Ekaterina Atanasova says:

    Iran Warn Americans 3 h ago before the attack, what Base and after what time will be destroyed so they can evacuate all solders… That is why they are alive. Not because of the imaginary defence system and all other Donald Trump lies!!! Many countries we recive thet warning information too… So WE can proof they warn USA on time. In the Ukrainian plane died 147 Iranian citizens, and less then 50 from other nationality. They said it was a mistake of someone…. He maybe not but Maybe on spy.. The reality is that this was not order from above.. And Iran lost more then any other country because of this mistake!!!

    HIGH5 says:

    This is not iran greatest move don’t forget 9/11 middle eastern people have done masters in taking revenge, causing destruction , killing innocents

    Brett Humphreys says:

    Did this damage come from the Iranian missiles or the attack from locals. Very misleading.

    ghostfifth says:

    Only evil people seek revenge.

    Dennis Rouse says:

    Unless I heard wrong. Iran gave a few hours notice not minutes before they level the building…

    Size says:

    Trump killed that terrorist for revenge first and he planning more attacks, why don't terrorist media mention that? He killed lots of Americans.

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