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  • Iran crisis: How will US-Iran relations play out in 2020? – BBC News

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  • The assassination by the US of Iran’s most powerful general, Qasem Soleimani, has caused an escalation in tensions between the two countries.

    The BBC’s Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen and North America correspondent Anthony Zurcher analyse Iran’s response and look at what we can expect next.

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    alltime great says:

    Ayatollah is a jihadist teacher!

    Ooofkid Ddo says:

    Jeez if this becomes the cause of ww3….

    Umro Ayyar says:

    Wont change anything.
    Will continue in 2020.

    Irani Khameni will keep chanting Death to US Death to Israel then destroy another country with US Israeli help. Lol

    John kamal says:

    Let the suprime leader kill himself.

    The Civil says:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LA5fguvhtw&feature=youtu.be !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    larbi ben. mhidi larbi ben. mhidi says:

    Tramp is the virus which will take the computer down ( world )

    larbi ben. mhidi larbi ben. mhidi says:

    It won't stop here , and who knows who will be next and this is no good for any one

    Fordahood TV says:

    Visit sosh20 . com to survive WW3

    Manasa Senthil says:

    Whom do you guys support?
    I'm supporting Iran 😌😌😌

    Great India Mojiz says:


    memeshame Waqas says:


    David Roberts says:

    Will the BBC report the students refusing to walk across the US flag yesterday? https://youtu.be/qbT0dIltrSQ

    Marifel Sumampong says:

    If Iran is in trouble the Russia will back up Iran up and if USA is in trouble he will call Europe and all those country presidents friends will need their back up pray for god that this war will end before WW3

    Cyross Navarro says:

    Iran gone in sixty second I'm sure….

    Amarjit Leimapokpam says:

    We have hated slavery culture

    Рамзан Кадиров says:


    Pouya Mori says:

    Trump: If they do anything we will target 52 Iranian sites.
    Iran: So anyway, I started blasting.

    Md Anis says:

    War is not good for anyone, you are thinking of your future generation Environment is going to be in danger day by day Environment is a catastrophic catastrophe

    TEAL says:

    I’m finna move to Paris then, cuz who would attack the land of 🥐

    Yuki Nakazawa says:

    donald trump ..wow. scary.

    Mareko 685 says:

    Just ask who’s profiting from this war

    Dr Dixit says:

    fuck the relationship,170 people lost their lives for the fools

    Nayim Sk says:

    All War is a symptom of men's failure as a thinking animal.
    War never gives people anything without harm.

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