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  • ISIS Will Use President Donald Trump Remarks To Recruit, Says Admiral | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  • The president on Sunday confirmed the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in a 10-minute speech followed by roughly 40 minutes of answering questions from reporters. The panel discusses. Aired on 10/28/19.
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    ISIS Will Use President Donald Trump Remarks To Recruit, Says Admiral | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    Juan Aviles says:

    Oh ya but isis is defeated,, he's a moron, the world and especially the USA know exactly where you stand, your morales and character, the least having npne

    True Core says:

    I love this president!

    john m says:

    Never heard of al bag daddy before. Who is that?

    Vera Schmidt says:

    He wasn't saying "where's al-baghdadi" He was crying "where's my daddy"

    Richard Smith says:

    This guy is so dumb and juvenile its unbelievable and beneath the dignity of the office he holds

    Frank Roth says:

    All Terrorists are "Mad" as in Nuts, Crazy, Lunatics, they have been for centuries and they will likely continue to be for at least another 50 – 100 years.

    Clark Thompson says:

    Don't make the terrorists mad Donald!

    Jeff Zabelski says:

    Frankly… I think he should be thrown out….

    BRYSON GRAY says:

    the Trump derangement syndrome is strong here

    sandy russell says:

    Y'all know trump never heard of this dude till the military told him he was caught and killed….

    Adam Time says:

    Morning Joe and the Bimbo

    Al Pal says:

    No flies on Donny. LOL

    Anaru Ngamotu says:

    ISIS is here to stay…TRUMP just gave them the motivation they needed in recruiting members around the world…they could even target America and give TRUMP a reminder…they worship DEATH.

    KymTv says:

    The fifth grader in chief smdh

    Truth91 says:

    Someone please shut that fat orange blob up!! He is a traitor a criminal, a POS!

    pj 1947 says:

    The irony of the coward in the white house, who dodged the draft with "bone spurs" calling Al Baghdadi a coward!!! The buffoon is well beyond. the pale. Remember when a firecracker went off during one of his "nazi rallies" during the 2016 campaign, he panicked like the coward he is.

    Whirlwind S says:

    Trump has no intelligence and his comments will be used against us. He can't keep his mouth shut.

    Len Ovo says:

    Mourning Joe is wrong. There were so many details released about Bin Laden that a movie was made…it's called zero dark thirty.

    A CS says:

    Even after saying "They use the internet almost better than anyone in the world, perhaps other than Donald Trump"……he didnt crack a smile. Does he actually think this? Hey, Trump you clueless grifter……….sitting on the toilet with your phone watching the news with a bucket of KFC, does not make you a technology expert.

    Ron Wuerch says:

    The Admiral Is Pretty Stupid If He Thinks This…LOSER.You Keep Taking Them Down…It Will End….Where Does MSNBC Get These Idiots.

    Dr. Royalty says:

    "Abu Bakr Al bag daddy"

    Skip Ad says:

    New amendment–All presidents must take an IQ, EQ, and toxicology screening before being allowed to run for office.
    I've never even considered someone as drug addicted, stupid and anti-empathic could ever win.

    edit–and you are not allowed to speak of yourself in the 3rd person unless used in comedy or quotes. It's a sign of SERIOUS mental illness.

    Nova superb says:

    Al back daddy ! Lol

    T.R. Plume says:

    Trump appeals only to low IQ people.

    Michael Bradford says:

    Trumps ego will be the downfall of us all.

    Philip Teague says:

    Isis just might use his words against him, but Trump will use 1000 lb bombs and massive air strikes.

    Tired of Fools says:

    I Thought ISIS was already defeated? STFU Trump.

    Pepper Grinder says:

    lol….i doubt donnie even knows what the dark net is or how to get onto it.

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