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  • Jeffree Star & Nathan Break Up – LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE

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  • Jeffree Star today confirmed a breakup with longtime boyfriend Nathan. Get the latest on the Jeffree & Nate breakup & share your comments on the air in our LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE.

    Jeffree revealed that he and Nathan have broken up in a new YouTube video called “We Broke Up.” Jeffree & Nate had been together for five years. In this interactive live stream, host Steve Lookner brings you the latest updates on the Jeffree & Nate breakup, and he’ll also be reading your comments and questions on the air! Send Steve your comments on the Jeffree Star & Nathan breakup by writing to @lookner on Twitter.

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    Agenda-Free TV says:

    Wahhhhhh, Agenda-Free TV is covering a story I don't like so I'm gonna give a THUMBS DOWN and whine like a baby in the live chat! Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    S PACE says:

    Seriously Steve….

    Ne Mo says:

    Ok. Ok. After all this Iran and WWIII stuff.. this was funny and refreshing.
    I honestly prefer earthquake news (which are rare here now) but Steve's job covering Iran was amazing as well.
    I won't unsub or dislike because this is a curious part of Steve's personality I just discovered.
    People, just take a chill pill 🍧 and skip this vid. CHILL ❄ and much love everyone!

    Ashley says:

    Its so funny how people truely dont understand what "agenda-free" means…I mean if Steve was just covering one thing and one thing only poeple would complain and say "AgEnDa-NoT So-FreE" but now that Steve covers anything he wants and truely follows exactly what the name of the channel says its a big problem…their reaction just prove how much hate exist in their hearth and mind, ready to be triggered by anything crosses their eyes. Keep covering exactly what you want to cover Steve, I appreciate your work like many other people do too!

    Julie Graves says:

    Somebody call these cry babies a waahbulance! 😭🚑

    Belinda 007 says:

    You truly are Agenda Free TV live the topic I liked Nathan


    I watch jeffery star. I am glad you covered it for us that watch and enjoy jefferys videos. Sound like to many haters out there or homophobes. They need to figure out why it bothers them so badly. It not your problem its the haters problem. You do a great job as usual. thanks

    MP MP says:

    I dont think niche celebrity news is what your followers want or expect from you. Soap boxing afterwards is more far left liberalism then the Agenda Free news you have been providing for some time. The latter is what i find disappointing more so then the topic. Its like tuning into TMZ and them covering a history documentary. Thats what you dont get Steve. I like you and your program, yes you can cover what ever you want. And yes, i usually tune out what I dont like. But your treatment of your own fans was shocking to see and hear.

    DaveM12758 says:

    well All I Know is that when brothers are fighting, you don't get in the middle of family squabbles or they Both will turn on You. Brothers are like that.

    Mike Hunt says:

    Iran is about to blow up & major weather events worldwide. A breakup is not worthy of coverage on AFTV, maybe Lookner

    Nelly H says:

    Thank you Steve for covering this, keep covering what you like and thank you for staying the Steve we love. ❤️

    Rafael Mauricio says:

    Eh. Its whatever for me on this coverage, Steve did cover the Etika mishap, so steve is covering anything reveleant including E celebrity situations.

    cryforthemoon says:

    I can only imagine the gossip to come, since many people kept saying Nathan is a straight confused guy all these years lol

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