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  • Jeffrey Epstein accuser says Ghislaine Maxwell threatened her life, FBI "failed" her

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  • One of Jeffrey Epstein’s accusers, who says she had an inside view of his alleged sex trafficking operation, is sharing new details of what happened. Maria Farmer and her younger sister, Annie, claim Epstein sexually assaulted them. Farmer is suing the Epstein estate over the alleged incident. In her first TV interview, Farmer talks to Anthony Mason about why she’s still seeking justice even after Epstein’s death.

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    bigbodyrover says:

    Dead woman walking

    Zachary McMillan says:

    Drag them out,burn their mansions and palatial homes,free the victims,put them to the sword.

    Ethan Haines says:

    Look into Israel, you will find more than pedophilia but you won't because most of our "representatives" are of duel dual citizenship.

    manoffayth says:

    I feel like SEE-BS is involved somehow…

    Jesse cumbee says:

    Well she was 26 she wasn’t a child so she must have been consent from her. She had no tears when she was trying to cry. I don’t believe her she just wants money.

    Chris Slayer says:

    Damn she exposed a lot here, even the FBI with her allegations. I hope she gets the justice she deserves.

    She definitely needs to watch over her shoulder, if the government has no interest in protecting you. It’s very possible they can “silence” Farmer

    Jesse cumbee says:

    Yea these girl had terrible things happen to them which I wouldn’t wish on anyone. But now they just want to get paid. I’m about to come out too

    Nick Gurr says:

    The younger sister was a skeeza

    Katey Bernal says:

    I’m sorry but I don’t know about this one. she went straight to FBI instead of police for sexual assault? 10 yrs later they contact her? I’m not saying she’s lying but her story is questionable.

    Denise Smith says:

    Gayle King needs to be investigated for aiding pedophiles.

    Jim G says:

    Jail guards charged: 2

    Pedophiles charged: 0

    Ode to Aphrodite says:

    You know Maxwell is not being brought to Justice because she used to hang out with the president of the USA and Princes and all of the biggest ppl in power now. Do you actually believe that they are going to charge her with any crimes? She knows too much. In fact, she is the one who had better fear for her life right now. She has almost as much dirt on the president and all of the others as Epstein did. Look where he is now. Come now ppl. Everyone who laughed at the whole “Pizzagate” thing.. how much evidence does it take for people to believe?

    Joseph Peeler says:

    ABC News and CBS News are not going after Bill Clinton. I don't trust these "news" outlets. We have to shame them into covering this story to its conclusion, which means finding out Bill Clinton's victims.

    Andrea Gass says:

    Look into the backstory on Victoria Secret and how it was obtained.

    ann Rowell says:

    Glad you found your art again God bless you

    stick123164 says:

    The FBI was destroying evidence as Epstein was being murdered. Nothing to see here time to MoveOn

    Joseph Peeler says:

    I believe this woman. I know liars, and she isn't lying.

    Roman KFM says:

    FBI failed me too.

    SmallTank says:

    So glad all these strong woman coming forward and taking action

    Bochaba says:

    Shame on the FBI

    Sal Fun says:

    Time to sue the fbi

    Joseph Peeler says:

    Bill Clinton is deeply involved, which is why ABC News engages in a cover-up. Then CBS News fires the alleged Epstein tape whistleblower. CBS News is biased and corrupt. Same with the rest of establishment media.

    Sal Fun says:

    Videos of clinton having sex with kids

    Joseph Peeler says:

    CBS News is corrupt.

    Colton M Brandt says:

    Israeli blackmail operation and Epstein ran it with Maxwell . Israel is not an ally 🖕🏿🇮🇱

    Brendan Englot says:

    Thank god Gayle King didn’t interview her. She would have asked “isn’t this just a he said she said” the way she asked Ronan Farrow when she interviewed him about Matthew Lauer allegations.

    Ned Labarbara says:

    From fake news to flat earth news.

    Ned Labarbara says:

    You can sue as long as you never tell who you were screwing or you will have a suicide.

    John_Smith Chiropractor says:

    Maria Farmer is a strong woman and a Hero. God bless you Maria!

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