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  • Jeffrey Epstein Autopsy Shock!

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  • Dr Kevin Wacasey – an ER doctor with 25 years’ experience – weighs in on reports that Jeffrey Epstein suffered multiple neck fractures.

    Did Jeffrey Epstein commit suicide? Was he strangled?

    The verdict is fairly clear…

    Check out http://healthcareonomics.com/

    and https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN9sHeQaJCyv2Q1rTdE4RDg

    Dr Wacasey’s books:

    The Guide to Buying Health Insurance, and Health Care:

    Healthcareonomics 101: 500 Ways You’re Being Ripped Off By The Health Insurance, and Health Care Industries. Any Questions?


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    Concerned Citizen says:

    Who would want to kill him? Did he know to many bad people? Did anyone not want the truth out? Who?……. that is the real question!

    Powers-that-*will have*been says:

    Great interview. One suggestion: consider the possibility these ppl will not get away with it – whether in the flesh, I cld not say, but I’m told vengeance is the Lord’s…

    Julian P. says:

    Baden gave up his credibility during the OJ Simpson tril. I suspect for a pay check.

    Jack Sparrow says:

    And the conspiracies continue.

    Mark Sieczko says:

    The smart pro killer would wear reinforced forensic standard kit, leaving no DNA,.

    Paul Seizert says:

    I killed Jeff Epstein.

    Natan Dee says:

    Was it really his Epstine's body though? Pic didn't look like him. It's fishy same Dr. Performed autopsy in the JFK coverup. A now deleted post on 4chan, posted early that morning before news cycle hit, posted by a prison guard stated: "A white van with a military green dressed man transferred Epstine out in an unusual non-court ordered weekend prison transfer at around 4AM. He is probably eating pizza and choking on hot dogs with walnut sauce in New Zealand or the Martial Islands.

    Tro Rt says:

    Arkancide. We knew it was coming when he was arrested on old charges he already answered to and had been given immunity for.

    D Van says:

    Ah yes… and the Romanovs were killed by “Russians” lol

    faggy maxwell says:

    This pedo is still alive. So I won't listen to austopsy reports or speculations.

    Mysterious Squid 🦑 says:

    Great job spreading disinformation Stefan.
    Get help, you are losing it.
    Doubt you ever had it.

    David Tubb says:

    Epstein is currently living just outside of the Israeli port of Eilat.

    David Tubb says:

    No way Epstein is dead, the guy has more than a few kill switch guarantee get out of jail free cards due to pedophile videos of Royalty, Celebrity, Politicians. Anything happens to him, powerful pedos go to jail. The guys untouchable and currently living just outside of Israeli port of Eilat.

    HoarderCatG says:

    Damn Stephan..almost 1 mil followers

    Burndout Rage says:

    If you guys think Epstein is dead think again guys like this do not go to a prison like that number one number two it's highly unlikely that you never went to prison and even if he did he would have a plush room and he would be allowed to come and go come on he's right up there with the clintons the bushes all the elite perverts and child traffickers of this world I do undercover work I know where these type of guys go

    George Orwell says:

    I think Mossad did Epstein in. Too many connections to the Synagogue of Satan, for them not to be involved.

    smeggers says:


    Bobby Bellingham says:

    SO where are the security camera footage of the WHOLE prison for that day. Everyone in, everyone out. or do we believe the whole camera system wasn't working. Why is nobody not investigating this and opening a special enquiry?

    Nikolaos Vitoroulis says:

    Something tells me that impulse analogy is a bit off

    BigRedRidingBear says:

    Keep that pedo out of thumbnails i dont want to see that loser.

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