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    Jeffrey Epstein: The Art of Deception

    “Billionaire Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein Found Dead!

    Local and online news outlets blared these headlines on August 10, 2019, when convicted pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein, was found dead inside his federal prison cell in Manhattan, New York.

    Epstein Before Epstein

    Born to Jewish parents Pauline and Seymour Epstein, Jeffrey Edward Epstein was one of two children who grew up in a middle class home in Coney Island, Brooklyn. Jeffrey was gifted in music, playing the piano capably at the tender age of 5. He was also considered smart – skipping two grades and graduating from high school at just 16 years old.

    First Accusations – Epstein the Predator

    In 2005, Palm Beach Police in Florida received a report from a woman who said her 14-year old stepdaughter was taken to Epstein’s mansion by an older girl. Once there, the young girl was told to strip and massage Epstein, then given $300 for her “services.”

    Screwing the Victims – The Hushed Non-Prosecution Agreement

    Palm Beach police chief, Michael Reiter, was instrumental in bringing in the FBI to help investigate the Epstein case in the early 2000s. He was also critical of then-county state prosecutor, Barry Krischer. Stating, Krischer, was too lenient. Reiter also said he couldn’t help but notice how the case was treated in a “highly unusual” way.

    Exposés and Second Arrests

    In November of 2018, Miami Herald reporter, Julie Brown, published an in-depth story about Jeffrey. It chronicled the allegations, the victims and most importantly, the plea deal he received. More than 60 women came forward stating they were abused by him between 2001 to 2006.

    By early February, it was reported the U.S. Justice Department of Professional Responsibility was investigating to see if U.S. attorneys had committed misconduct in the case. Weeks later, on February 21st, a judge ruled Epstein’s 2008 plea deal was illegal because most of the victims weren’t consulted about it – a violation of the Victim’s Rights Act.


    Rj Chavers says:

    Notice he spelled his name differently in the old picture 49sec in…

    Patstar777 says:

    Pedophilia is how the deep state controls most of the politicians. That’s why he was killed.

    The-Analyst says:

    Act in hast, repent at leisure… The real dying has not started just yet, run Bambi run…

    Rae Lyons says:

    Very doubtful hes dead, he probably had plastic surgery and is on another island doing the same crap. If he is dead, he didn't kill himself …

    Rachel ___________ says:

    Glad he's dead

    Cosmic Error says:

    Hahaha. There is no Russian trump affair. 3 years in and NO evidence! Hilarious you are peddling this shit now. Congrats. I'm a conspiracy theortist. The Russian conspiracy has less evidence than flat earth! And I sure as hell dont believe in flat earth.

    LeAnn Lewis says:

    He was Clintoned. Well deserved I might add.

    Jessie Pierson says:

    Epstein is a part of the Jewish supremacists and mossad, but you can't question that or you're a Nazi.

    George Cantstandya says:

    Get your facts straight.
    Click bait.

    Kevin Raymer says:

    Meanwhile, Ghislaine Maxwell walks the streets. Hides here, then there. Knows all the info the courts need to continue the case. Should be in prison herself and the media doesn't even mention it. Not one word on her since his "death" happened. If this isn't a coverup I don't know what could be called one. Royalty and dirty rich hands are all over this. Sad.

    Ninjaface says:

    He didnt kill himself

    Journeystomake Alkebulan says:

    I didn't and don't believe for one minute that Epstein committed suicide!!!

    xx JahoviA xx says:

    Isnt it crazy how this was considered "normal" for ancient rome and ancient greece.

    Mr. Blonde says:

    nothing to see here. we all know damn well what happened, and why.

    Ben W says:

    This is once again, such a massive failing of the American legal system. He shouldn't have ever been allowed out of prison. Good one America.

    Shining MissingNo. says:

    Rich people know rich people, were the Clintons or trump involved? Hell idk, but it's not necessarily evidence that they were

    Shannon Dyke says:

    Piece of garbage! All of his friends need to follow Epsteins fate

    Craig Adam says:

    He was taken out

    Zeekat says:

    Malema did it

    rainbows says:

    Switched out!

    Drew Durant says:

    Why do people like this do what they do….

    Joel W says:

    Full corpo crap channel …. This is the shit the world needs to be rid of. You can take all your after the fact noise and shove it up your shill reader whore asses…. Of course as always none of the political hack puppets or all THOSE he bribed hurt one little bit…. Obviously he was relatively speaking small potatoes and offed by THOSE who should have spent half their lives in jail

    mr Jigsaw! says:

    He had dirt on high profile people like Prince Andrew for one!!He was Murderd to keep him from spilling the beans..

    Crystal Poole says:

    Even though I have no sympathy that he's dead, it was murder! A guy like that doesn't kill himself.

    NPC Kap #53-25 says:

    Everything was pretty good except you’re whack a doodle Trump connections. The Trump Russia connection was all bullshit and they’ve already figured that out with the Mueller report, why are you fucking retards still talking about that like it is a thing. Fucking brainwashed…

    Aaron Bradley says:

    Well the guy was a piece of shit and it's obvious that the walls aren't the same for everyone in this country it's always been that way it always will be especially for Rich Jews however it's just 60 people came forward to report crime within 5 years and you wonder how many are just trying to make money and how many are real victims they really blew it by not keeping the lid on the prosecution and then Prosecuting him to the fullest extent of the law of the first time the complaints were filed

    Natasha Savage says:

    Thanks for the upload Drew💋
    Happy Halloween Scary Mysteries and fam! 🎃👻💀

    And Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill hisself!

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