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  • Jordan Facing New Accusation That He Ignored Warnings Of Sexual Abuse At Ohio | NBC Nightly News

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  • In a lawsuit filed Thursday, a college wrestling referee says he told Congressman Jim Jordan – then Ohio State’s assistant wrestling coach – that the team’s physician Richard Straus performed a sex act in front of him in the shower. Jordan has previously denied any knowledge of abuse and is not named as a defendant in the lawsuit. Jordan has called the accusations politically-motivated.
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    Jordan Facing New Accusation That He Ignored Warnings Of Sexual Abuse At Ohio | NBC Nightly News


    charles coleman says:

    Every time democrats panic, they level sexual charges against their enemies. It’s getting to be democrats’ method of operation.

    Otto Honkala says:

    "They responded"….what an obvious smear campaign….Pathetic

    Nimrod Quimbus says:

    False accusations for anyone that sides with Trump.

    Canis Lupus says:

    I got my first EVER hate speech warning from YT folks……It had to do with Epstein, I think we got these goons all roiled up…..it didn't have one single cuss word or derogatory term……AMAZIN!!

    Lonewolf 1970 says:

    I see the WHINING and CRYING and DEFLECTING is in full swing with Donnie's cult followers and the Russia bots.

    Armandhammer says:

    If anyone molests my sons or daughter, there will be two options I will consider. One is I remove that person from the world, # 2 is I go through law enforcement and I'm not waiting 20 years on either option. Next.

    Gina Kay says:

    Short man complex going to jail. He is the most hostile nasty human in the congress. I cannot wait to get him out in the next election. #TAKEHIMOUT #ReplaceWithADemocrat

    richdoug1 says:

    Breaking News ! ! Obama’s wife “Big Mike” Michelle has been Medically Diagnosed with an Enlarged Prostate.
    Our prayers are with him/her as he/she undergoes treatment.

    Apple Tree says:

    Yes you did!! No, I didn’t!! Yeah huh!! Nuh uh!! Yes, I remember!! No, I don’t remember! You said that! No I didn’t!! Yeah! No!!
    Good Grief already.

    Taylor Herron says:

    Can’t report on Epstein tho ….. the hypocrisy is insane

    Youve been lied to says:

    FAKE NEWS!!!!!!

    Mima Baez says:

    There we go again these Demonrats are at it again. It's obvious they trying to find something on Trump's allies. Who's next? Nunes? Graham? Rahn Paul? Matt? More sexual accusations…Come on this is getting OLD!!!

    tonmy cas says:

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHH so this is why Jordan is fighting so hard for Trump.
    So he can keep his secrets safe.

    Loco Brodie says:

    Jim Jordan is a pervert and was totally aware of what was going on at Ohio state .

    Lisa Saunders says:

    Of course Jim Jordan is facing new allegations right now. Republicans are getting ready to assign him to the intel committee for impeachment of our President and dems. are scared to death of him! Their game has become so transparent it is laughable! That is why NO ONE is listening to them anymore! Trump 2020!!!

    Rvk Kvr says:

    And the corrupt Democrats smear campaign continues!!!!! Wake up America I'm a Democrat voting for Trump in 2020 because of jokes like this one

    idk says:

    So why didn't the referee report it?

    sione43 says:

    NBC is 2nd in fake news to CNN lol

    Mary Carter says:

    This is a complete joke. The more you try this tactic the more you lose support. We can see right through this

    Keg says:

    20 yrs ago, nothing but a smear, those kids beef is with strauss not Jordan.

    crazymuthaphukr says:

    Kinda like how NBC and ABC covered up for Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, and Bill Clinton.

    Lou Parry says:

    I don't believe this for a minute! This is just another nasty , filthy, smear campaign from the DEMO RAT Communist party!

    Dav A says:

    Sounds like J. Jordan.
    When there is misdeeds that could make your team look bad, close your eyes and make like nothing is wrong.

    Boyd Gilbreath says:

    Always the holier -than-thou that are the lowest of the low.

    CjPiper says:

    Democrats are you desperate


    Is NBC trying to win dirtbag fake news media of the yr against CNN?

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