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  • Josh Hamilton arrested for child abuse!! Pete Rose hall of famer? Gerrit Cole to Yankees? Steroids

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  • Hamilton was arrested for third-degree felony child abuse on Wednesday, stemming from an alleged Sept. 30 incident involving 1 of his 3 daughters.

    According to the docs, his oldest daughter told officials Hamilton began arguing with her after she made a comment that pissed off the former baseball player.

    The girl alleges Hamilton then hurled a full water bottle in an overhand motion that hit her in the chest.

    She claims Hamilton began swearing and yelling at her … and says he then grabbed a chair that she had propped her feet on, pulled it out from under her and threw it at her, hitting her in the leg and breaking the chair.

    She says Hamilton grabbed her by the shoulders and yanked her to the ground … where she claims she hurt her hip.

    She then claims Hamilton picked her up, threw her over his shoulder and carried her to her room … all while she says she screamed out, “I’m sorry.”

    According to the docs, she says Hamilton stopped at her bedroom doorway and threw her onto the bed … and once there, she says he put his hand to the side of her face and pushed down.

    She says while Hamilton had her pinned with one hand … he used the other to hit her with “an open hand and a closed fist” on her legs.

    Per the docs, she then says he picked up her by her sweatshirt, causing it to rip … pushed her back on the bed, and slapped her with his open hand on her back and her legs — leaving multiple scratches on her back that she says were from his fingernails.

    She claims after Hamilton finished hitting her, he told her, “I hope you go in front of the f*cking judge and tell him what a terrible dad I am so I don’t have to see you anymore and you don’t ever have to come to my house again.”

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