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  • Justice With Judge Jeanine 11/9/19 | Breaking Fox News November 9, 2019

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  • Justice With Judge Jeanine 11/9/19
    Judge Jeanine has the latest crime stories
    Hosted by Jeanine Pirro

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    Gayle Green says:

    The American people have to show the corrupt dems that we are not stupid and we dont believe the lies and we demand this coup to stop! STOP IT NOW!

    Roy McDougall says:

    nobama's deal with russia was not only with him but with sqealary also. REMEMBER THE 20 PERCENT URANIUM AND WITH iran, the money was to buy it from russia. We don't need a show trial, we have had enough of a show already, 3 years worth
    The gop needs to get off their dead azzez and fight back instead of sitting on their hands or should I say head.
    Tired of watching every day and the republicans that are fighting back you can count on one hand. SHIFF OR GET OFF THE POT (good one huh)but do something for a change, when they all marched down to the basement surprised me

    Samantha White says:

    And this is how politicians destroy nations. China and the Globalist are loving and promoting this.

    Darryl Stein says:


    Mary McLean says:

    These letters the dems are sending…are NOT legal subpoenas. They hold no legal penalty.

    joe wood says:

    Report on their cannibalism jenine, fake news

    David Inboden says:

    dems are causing good Americans to have to hang their heads in international places, in spite of Trump fixing America without the dems help ! All over the world people are wondering if we are all crooks or just plain stupid !

    Robert Woods says:

    they keep cutting me off this station

    Nana ADJEI-KAYIN says:

    How long shall they continue the coup d'état while we (the patriots) stand aside and look … enough of the tall talky talk

    Lee Watson says:

    Listen to Swallows well what a Big Scrummycrat.

    Frank Frazier Jr. says:

    I just want to punch swalwell and schiff
    and every other queer democrat right in the mouth that they don't see coming.
    These pukes are of no redeemable value.

    Robert Hubbard says:

    If the Republicans in the house, now help the Dems along by getting this to actually go to a trial. They then can call whoever they wanted to testify and question. And the Dems can't do a thing to stop it. This will allow them to call Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, Hillary, Obama etc and anybody else they wanted. So we actually can expose the traitors while clearing Trump along the way. That is of course if he hasn't actually violated some fed law hidden deep within the rules if law.

    ezvic420 says:

    LoL CNN Head was recorded to push the impeachment Story all day too remember @FoxNews https://flagandcross.com/video-evidence-confirms-cnn-president-told-employees-to-push-trump-impeachment-stories/

    Bob Bob says:

    One thing for sure. While these bastards delay Justice ( both sides) I've never seen so many books being sold. The FOX news book club and it's authors are making millions. I will not buy one damn book until I see some arrests! It's all a game people!
    The View! Really? This program is kept alive by Conservatives coming on and then the fighting starts! We all get riled up and the bullshit keeps flowing. Wake up people!!

    Robert Hubbard says:

    Nothing done so far, as this isnt a trial so technically nobody has any guaranteed rights. That may change when they get to the actual trial but what do I know.

    Johnmicah says:

    Worst congress in history

    Johnmicah says:

    He is special

    Walter Boswell says:

    There is one (1) reason the dems keep after OUR PRESIDENT! HE IS NOT A POLITICIAN, AND (OK, Maybe 2) and he is showing how stupid and ignorant they have been all along. Especially the dems… They have not one clue of how to run our country…

    Rudy Bazin says:

    I can conclude that most lawyers in the government are not good lawyers. They have no clue what the hell in going on with the law .

    Roger Rodgersen says:

    No Republican witnesses ! The Dems have just manufactured more nails for their coffins. How many more parts of the Constitution are the Dems going to trash. When this hits the Senate the Dems are going to be on the other end of their little game. Looking forward to the miseries return inflicted on the Dems. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽

    123456789 0 says:

    "Real Justice" Would Involve Several Democrats Lined Up In A Firing Squad.

    The Great Chain says:

    All are welcome to the ; PURPLE MUSHROOM wondering dance floor in Jersey City NJ for the ; FREE HERO JULIAN ASSANGE benefit concert 😂 promoters Jack Tripper & Sally Cibin presentation of the, Revolutionary Christian Psychedelic Rock band the GREAT CHAIN !
    All attendees must pass through the ; Ezekiel sweet scroll snack bar to be inundated with ; 150 mics of pure lisergicaciddirefilamind with non paraquated non CIA Monsanto MARIJUANA 😠 only pure Aculpoco Gold.
    Revelation 20:5

    Maria Angeles says:

    Judge janine, may your tribe increase. I am a filipino and I always look up to Americans as models of righteousness, kindness and charity. That was before, now I am surprised, what happen? Most of govt. officials seems to lost their mind!they are trying to make good man bad and the bad ones good? Where are you thinking you will go? I am sad for Pres. Trump, may God come to his rescue!

    Mike T says:

    Judgies cracken tonite y'all. Better keep Dem toes crunched cuz them boots were made for stomping.

    Manakara says:

    It;s no good shout at us Jeanine,, you need to shout at Trump and tell him to get his finger out. Now there is massive election fraud in Kentucky exposed, he has known for all his life how they do this yet he does nothing, SHOUT AT HIM, GO SEE HIM, SHOUT AT DON JNR AND IVANKA. SHOUT AT THEM ALL right here every week.

    d abdella says:

    Only in the basement hey .
    Where is the door to the lower level tunnels they run to when they can't handle the truth of daylight.
    Get them Lord,
    Now they want to prove he has no sanity.


    Bazza Jones says:

    Donald Trump Jr. for 2024

    bill Murray says:

    Democrats have no witnesses and this is a coup

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