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    Justice With Judge Jeanine 4/14/19 [3AM] – Breaking Fox News April 14, 2019

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    Craig Connor says:

    Beyond IG Horowitz and the AG of Utah; we should know who Barr assigns to each criminal inquiry…full exposure to the public.

    bc azur says:

    What a brilliant idea Trump had to bring all the illegals to California and New York!

    bc azur says:

    When Obama started to campaign hard against Trump it was a suspected behavior from a President. Clapper and Brennan should be investigated as they are part of this wrong doings

    Eve Goodmon says:

    Very happy you are here but… why didn’t you reply to Omar comments on 9/11???they are shutting you up?

    G Hopkins says:

    Your dogs are so cute!!!

    G Hopkins says:

    That teacher needs to be fired…..

    Lizabeth Garrett says:

    The dems will not gain presidency in 2020. They are ignorant and have gotten themselves caught in a snare. Trump and Barr are very educated and believe in justice. I love you judge.

    Rich Rockefeller says:

    Chuck Schumer is not funny. He's dangerous. If he is lying that is despicable. If he truly believes what he says it is frightening.

    Kyle Hill says:


    Finn Kory says:

    I can't believe the LIEberal$ are pulling a Smollet with there guilty asses. If anyone felt sorry for them because they are probably scared for the first time knowing they are all going to be lining up together with blindfolds on in Guantanamo they shouldn't. They are completely acting in the worst way possible. If here was any chance of leniency for them, it's gone now.

    Lizabeth Garrett says:

    New one huh?

    Željko Sudić says:

    Lock them all up! MAGA 2020

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