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  • Key Impeachment Witness Who Was On Ukraine Call Does Not Show For Testimony | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

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  • Former Trump Deputy National Security Adviser Kupperman does not show for impeachment inquiry testimony before House cmtes. Monday morning. Aired on 10/28/19.
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    Key Impeachment Witness Who Was On Ukraine Call Does Not Show For Testimony | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


    Non Gamer says:

    aren't you idiots tired of this yet?

    Tom Brady says:

    Those democrates keep looking dumber and dumber

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    Kenneth Miller says:

    Look at all these people in the comments who follow the criminal, nationalist, and xenophobic orange in office. Y'all should be ashamed of yourselves and ashamed to call yourselves americans

    slicer940 says:

    Probably went missing or got a nice fat check

    Robin Carter says:

    LMAO 😁 they got up out of there quick 😂

    Robin Carter says:

    Out with the dump .

    Mike Kelly says:

    He asked the foreign government to look into a crime a crime. Forget the political enemy it's a crime. Everybody says there was interference let's see where

    Linda Springer says:

    The Usa does ; quid pro quo’s – on iran venezuela guatemala, el salvador n.korea, turkey china russia and more – occasionally, until they do what we want, we withhold money, soo what, TRUMP SMASHED SAFE SPACES

    les paul says:

    I am starting to feel sorry for anyone that actually believe Trump will be impeached. They have watch Trump and America enjoy win (border wall) after win (supreme court judgeS) after win (tax cuts) after win (economy) after win (mueller report fail) after win (stormy Daniels ordered to pay Trump) after win ( ISIS obliterated) after win (CNN low ratings) all the while the democrats have splintered into three separate factions (progressives socialist, the rich elite dems
    and the rest) Trumps greatest victory was bringing an end to the Clinton Family corruption and all of its perverted tentacles within media, military, academia and Hollywood. They no longer have any power of influence

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