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  • Kotaku/Deadspin Management Stands By The Decision of Firing Insubordinates

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    Memology 101 says:

    Previous videos on the saga:
    ''Kotaku/Deadspin Staff Lies About The Reason Why They Got Fired''
    ''Kotaku Is Falling to Pieces''

    CloroVids478 says:

    I doubt they would get a job because of their resume and they are acting.

    Its JB says:

    Yeah, I don't think they understand how screwed they are.
    Nobody's going to want them after all this crap they've pulled. Except maybe Burger King, since they're so "woke"! 😃

    Jason Moore says:

    I’m not one to celebrate anyone getting laid off, but these entitled brats had it coming.

    John Titor says:

    This puts a smile on my face

    BestLookingGoi says:

    Do you get this feeling that these dumbfucks who are assmad about this proposition are the ones who lack any understanding or passion of the medium they're trying to cover? Like they have to learn about sports or gaming now that they can't talk about women this or misogyny that anymore.

    Lazy motherfuckers. Good riddance.

    Grand Hatred says:

    Good corporation

    Lassi Kinnunen says:

    Editor: "Our sports site should be about every aspect of life!"
    Owners: dude we have like dozens of sites on purpose to cover the other stuff you frigging doofus

    Kevin Montes says:

    At this point, learning to code won't save any of them.

    Google+sucksballs says:

    Get Woke Go Broke.

    G-zeus M says:

    ohh that is great news! a new mcdonald's will open soon.

    Ed Gein says:

    They already know how to code. Hence WWE2K20.

    Monty2289 says:

    That's the big take away here. Forget that everyone dislikes Kotaku for a second. This is open and shut. They couldn't even sue G/O over thing. Their boss told them to do something and not only did they say NO but they tried to paint management in a bad light by leaking documents to the public.

    I'm surprised management didn't bury them. Which they have the ability to do. Entitlement indeed thinking that your cause for injecting social justice into your articles is much more important and resonant than the sheer amount of power and influence your boss wields.

    G/O media CEO could literally call in some favors to make sure these people never work in journalism ever again

    Slappap says:

    and nothing of value was lost.

    Pac Man says:

    And now, hopefully ANN follows.

    DarkSlayer1093 says:

    G/O media basically said to do the job you were hired to do and they just didnt

    heroesytumbas says:

    How about hiring people who actually likes and knows sports instead of freaks that think sports are toxic masculinity.

    FTN Iceberg says:

    What a cl0wn world we live in! It's hard to understand being begged, told, and demanded to do the job you were hired and paid to do and refusing. Then playing the victim of your decision.

    Gankageddon says:

    I don't think that's going to work out how they think it is. So they quit because they want to keep blog posting on someone else's dime, They burned any bridge they had for references and now the CEO can higher other writers at a much cheaper cost. Pro strats

    My Name says:

    I don't want these asshats to learn to code. That'd bring their shit to my industry. Which already has enough shit.

    SisselMissile says:

    Good news. More vacancies coming up

    Kira Kyoshiro says:

    The end of the new PC era is here bois. I'll go and prep up the popcorn.

    fireandcopper says:

    Ayyy! Praise the Sun, Bro!

    Egil says:

    Never hire these people.

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