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  • Kotaku/Deadspin Staff Lies About The Reason Why They Got Fired

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    Memology 101 says:

    Update: A lot of things are happening due to this trashfire, which will provide us with glorious content for more videos.
    Previous video:
    ''Kotaku Is Falling to Pieces''

    Joe Somebody says:

    The music was on point for this video.

    His Ace in the Hole says:

    Unrelated, but that song in the background is bitchin'!

    His Ace in the Hole says:

    Act like a child, expect to get punished.

    siddbastard says:

    DARK is epic

    Deleted Channel says:

    If a fast food worker who got fired for not doing their job won't get my sympathy then some ex "journalist" won't either

    Bruce Wayne says:

    I hope the staff got a participation trophy or plaque when they got fired. Thanks for trying millennials 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🖕🖕🖕🖕

    Lost in the Sauce says:

    Lmao this is so great. Watching intellectual children, who masquerade as adults, lose their shit because their bosses got fed up with constant communist propaganda.

    TrixTrix says:

    This won't kill of the site BUT if they can be replaced by good eggs, then it may have a chance to turn itself around. I'm wishin on a star here but I really just want news for my vidya and how bullshit it is that NBA2K IS BRINGING BACK UNSKIPPABLE ADS

    Aditya Wath says:

    At this point the G/O should just close down Kotaku and Deadspin

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