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  • Kyle Brandt PREVIEW 49ers vs Cardinals Sunday; Who has the edge?

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  • Kyle Brandt PREVIEW 49ers vs Cardinals Sunday; Who has the edge?


    SACKFRAN6CO says:

    🤣🤣🤣🤦🏿‍♂️🤣 @ 7:15

    Boxer 831 says:

    49ers won 😂

    Humble Rumble says:

    Vance Joseph needs to be fired, I can’t believe the cardinals only have 6 turnovers on the whole season and have lost 6 games, it’s all the defense being terrible. I will admit that kliff calls plays too conservative when the cardinals have the lead but it doesn’t excuse the defense blowing multiple leads and making everyone look terrible. There’s 4 proven pro bowlers on that defense and Vance Joseph has no clue how to use them

    Anonymous Opinion says:

    6:20 is when The Niners talk starts

    Despiser Despised says:

    Mason Rudolph started it by attempting to take off Garrets helmet then he attacked Garret in a 3-1 with his lineman. He should be punished as well. Nothing more pathetic than Rudolphs 1st grader victim act.

    sirus804 says:

    6:17 for Niners. ….Til 7:23 66 seconds for a 10 min video.

    Donald Scott says:

    These commentators are embarrassingly freaky morons!!!!

    Hasan Usman says:

    49ers coming in this game mad

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