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  • Letter: US Military Withdrawing from Iraq – LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE

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  • The US military will withdraw from Iraq, according to a letter it allegedly sent today to the Iraqi government. But is the letter real? Get the latest details in our LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE.

    Multiple outlets have reported that the US-led coalition sent a letter today informing Iraq it will begin to move out of Iraq and withdraw. But now there are questions being raised about whether the letter is fake. In this interactive live stream, host Steve Lookner brings you the latest updates on the letter that says the US army will withdraw from Iraq, and he’ll also read your comments and questions on the air!

    UPDATE: The US military says the letter referring to a US withdrawal from Iraq was a “mistake.” According to the military, the letter was a draft letter that shouldn’t have been sent.

    Send Steve your comments on the letter saying the US is moving out of Iraq by writing to @lookner on Twitter!

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    BARRY COLE says:

    I heard terms to the movement, if coalition could provide security. No security to movement, no movement. There needs to be a clear cut superior force in place or nothing will happen.

    Diane Hunsberger says:

    Is it possible our troops are going overseas to protect Israel and other allies ?

    Dee says:

    Hi @ Steve and Agenda Free crew. Are you coming back live Tonite?

    Ricki Christian says:

    Thanks Steve!

    tone burgess says:

    They wont leave until the oil has been stolen from them, iraq will kick them out by force if nescesary with irans help.

    Steppy100vlogs 101 says:

    No accident. Psy-op. Study ww2. Or any other war.

    Thoughty by Nature Opp says:

    Even if real..when say Safe movement that means could be a while ..could take a long time to safely withdraw…meanwhile something else happens and Iraq changes mind and says. OK you can stay after all

    Nan Sherrill says:

    If we withdraw we should totally destroy all our assets or contaminate the areas.

    Melita Colombi says:

    Isn’t that exactly what Iran wants? For us to leave Iraq. I’m sure the Israelis are happy with that consequence, lol. More consequences to come. this draft letter ‘mistake’ is more incompetence displayed and some think how dare we question our national security, lol. Not only to think they control nuclear bombs-oMG.

    Cliff Padilla says:

    The USA should've never been in Iraq in the first place.

    Sarabella Gignac says:

    It was a prelim draft not used

    JP Sarron says:

    Five four Three two one… ….

    Blue Streak Science says:

    If the Iraqi Parliament and Prime Minister want the United States out of Iraq then we must get out of Iraq. To refuse to do so would violate the sovereignty of the very government we installed. It would also violate international law. I though we were the good guys. I guess that we USED TO BE the good guys.

    Robert Bouchee says:

    I like lookner but dude is gullible!!!!

    Robert Bouchee says:

    The government did that on purpose!!!!! They tell you there going right an they go left!!!!! It's pychological warfare on the American people…wake up!!!!

    iamgoddard says:

    The DOD has walked back the "draft letter," saying we'll occupy Iraq even if we're told to leave.

    Steve Lee says:

    well we can come home now. and when they get into trouble next time.. then they need to call someone else..

    Dbs Student says:

    Thank you for covering this

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