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  • LIVE: Prince Andrew FULL Interview Breakdown & Analysis Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell,& Royals

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  • For the last week or so we have been given small clips from an interview conducted with Prince Andrew by the B B C. We finally have the full interview and are going break down the entire things minute by minute. Andrew is a horrible liar and hopefully everyone else will come away with the same conclusion after seeing this charade.

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    -More recently I’ve been doing interviews and plan to do more in the near future so please stay tuned.
    -I’m sorry for any unstable shots, but when you zoom in close on an object, the zoom can makes the camera unstable with even just the smallest movement.
    -What is that noise ? The camera zoom and focus can make a mechanical noise often. I’m looking into methods to possibly reduce this annoyance. Otherwise it’s here to stay unfortunately.
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    👁👽👁 Forever Conscious Research Channel says:

    Stream begins at 1:00 mark.

    nationnofire says:

    Starts at 6 mins

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