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  • Live: Program Breaking Point with Malick Nov 10, 2019 | HUM News

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    Popat Chandrakant says:

    When this media talk about Indian minorities, Can this media first tell the world what happening to minorities in Pakistan and what Pakistan has done to Minorities in Pakistan.

    Zaf Raja says:

    There is Wafq on Babri masjid, this was discarded by SC, Court totally out of order listening to Modi and BJP

    Abdullah Aamir says:

    These stupid anchors and analysts are the part of problem .
    They most of the time speaking lie . Theu know NAWAZ SHARIF is not that much sick. THEY ARE NOT SPEAKING TRUTHON THE NAME OF CUSTOMS OF SOCIETY OR ON OTHER REASON NAMES .

    kiwiwala says:

    It would be have been good if the panel had first read the 1045 page Indian Supreme Court decision before making ill informed commentary. Pakistan needs to stop worrying about the internal matters of India and spend its time fixing Pakistan. Pakistan seems to be in a perennial worthless talk fest. India, as a nation, has a long history …. and Pakistan does not. That ambiguity is the problem for the Pakistanis. All the Pakistani muslims need to do is to take DNA tests vis a vis the Indians to really understand who they are. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck etc, …..it is a duck!

    Sarge says:

    Islamic republic bolke mazabi.. What an irony.

    TheAmurtaza says:

    Stop inviting bhatti the tatti

    Sarge says:

    Ishrad jatti sycophant .. Such a douche

    Sarge says:

    We can't even hear this scum once, aur apne isko repeat kar diya..
    Sidhu the joker is their hero.

    Inkypinky Pony says:

    THIS IS 9th November program. U BASTARD PIGS


    دونوں لیڈر بزدل ہیں اور مفاد پرست ہیں الللہ سے نہیں ڈرتے ان کا انجام بہت برا ہو گا الللہ ان پر اپنا قہر اور غضب نازل فرماے

    harendra p singh says:

    Mr Anchor n participants look in mirror at ur faces u r also converted Muslims!! Do u think u r Arabs or Turks or Persians or Mongols??? These countries won't even grant u third rate citizenship!!

    Brijkishore Mishra says:

    Pakistani media biased:

    No media ever commented about the exodus of Kashmiri hindus, minorties girl kidnapping n forced conversions etc.

    Mr. Malik has forgotten to talk about ANGRO TERMINALS 1,.2, 3 n GIDC after PM khan's chiding ; Rauf Klsara n Amir Matin have been out from the Channel.

    These intellectuals are only allowed to talk about Kashmir, ppp n pmln n anti INDIA topics.

    Ali Ahmed says:

    Good panel Malick

    Ali Ahmed says:

    Same situation of Pakistani Muslim in Pakistan

    Truth Crusaders says:

    (based on an old song "yaadon kee baraat niklee hai…"
    "Gadhon kee baraat niklee hai aaj Pak media kae dwarae,
    Malick jaisae bhi chaatae ISI Kae jootae saarae,

    Ramneek Singh says:

    You guys are just talking crap. Here is the reality of your peace loving great pak
    Hypocrisy at its best


    praveen philip says:

    I am Christian.. Pakistan is frustrated by seeing Indian unity & Growth

    Anis Khan says:

    ye tou Kal ka 09 Nov 2019 program he
    Aaj k date 10 Nov 2019 par repeat ke liye kyUn pOst kiya he

    hgkjkj says:

    Ullu ke patho kiyun purana program new date de ke upload kerte ho. A big dislike!

    peacebypeace says:

    Only those journalists are surviving in paksitani media who toe the line of military. Rest rest all have been either driven out of media.
    Jaahil Bhatti. Katas Raj ki haalat dekhi hai kabhi, Sala double standard muslim.

    Colonel Grande says:

    یہ کل کا پروگرام ہے

    peacebypeace says:

    Kaashif Abasi. Kitne hindu Sikh bache hai Paksitan mai Zara ispe gauro fehm kar 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    batman Arkham says:

    Is y this November 10 episode? I don't think so

    peacebypeace says:

    Kis muh Se tum log Sikho aur Hindu kee baat karte ho
    Sikho ko qatl kiya 1947 mai, muslaman badshaho je Sikh Guruon ko qatl kiya , unke bacho ko diwar mai zinda chinwa diya.
    Sikh quam toh banaya Guru Gobind Sahib ji muslamano ko halaak karne ke liye

    maratha For india says:

    Most corrupted fake democracy on earth 🌏Run by corrupted evil corrupted establishment of na pak Pakistan. 🐷🇵🇰🐷

    Jack Hunter says:

    Lanati yahodi ganja, tujhey noot chahie hien

    Ajay Katdare says:

    You bastard Malik and all others see what is burning under your own ass

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