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  • Lou Dobbs Tonight 2/13/20 FULL | Breaking News Trump February 13, 2020

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  • Lou Dobbs Tonight 2/13/20 FULL | Breaking News Trump February 13, 2020


    Apaulo Thegreat says:

    If I don't live to see the sun come up Valentine's Day I want to say after listening to President Trump tonight if I only had one wish that one wish would be to shake his hand and kneel before him and look up at him and say great job I know in my heart America she's going to be okay with or without me I myself up against so many corrupt powerful bad people sometimes I just want to throw in the towel everything I've worked for my whole life 62 years taken from me are destroyed I have a long fight a head of me and I know even if I go down fighting I still win I love Jesus my dad my family and President Trump God bless President Trump I know you're not religious however you are underline you are a very special spiritual man I thank you for all medicine man signing off

    Lynne Young says:

    Pardon Roger Stone as he did nothing wrong

    Lynne Young says:

    Thank you Lou Dobbs and Tom Fitton

    Robert LaShier says:

    President Trump is the greatest president we the american people ever had in our life time!!! Trump in 2020!!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    Tiny Druid says:

    Thanks for posting the LouLou up, Sweets 🙂

    Lynneah D. Rol says:

    I love you Lou Dobbs!!❤️🥰
    Thank you!!

    Lynne Young says:

    We love you President Trump!

    William Burrell says:

    It's also a damn shame that those criticizing Trump for speaking out against the DOJ prosecutors are completely ignorant of the fact that the President is the CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER who in fact has a constitutional DUTY to supervise all executive departments especially the AG and the DOJ! SMH!!!

    Alex Leshchinsky says:

    As the chairman of US Senate Judicial Committee for over year, LIndsey Graham has done nothing to restore justice in the US. Absolutely NOTHING!!!
    Eric Swalwell is a well-known farter from different holes of his body. As widely expected, it smells the same regardless whether it comes from Swalwell's mouth and his ass-hole

    Robert LaShier says:

    Kelly, Boltin, Romney and Graham are back stabbing thugs that shakes the president's right hand and stab him with the left. Completely pathetic and disgraceful!!!

    Lynneah D. Rol says:

    They are actively stripping the President's authority!
    They write and remove laws for their agenda.
    We need the LORD!!!
    When the LORD comes they won't be able to lie anymore; they will fall dead where they stand.
    They are deceived.
    They believe they will not pay for the many years they have transgressed.
    Pray for judgement!!
    Pray for good tidings!!!

    Steve Hev says:

    Nobody on the left is going to jail or even in trouble go figure

    Steve Hev says:

    Theres is no spying going on against the trump campain this guy it s a wacko

    Randy Higgins says:

    We would have to shut the whole world out immediately to stop it !!!!!!!!!!!!! So do it before its too late !!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Mr Suave9355 says:

    Mr Lou Dobbs I agree with your analysis about AG Barr that he is slow in his investigation in getting justice for President Trump. President Trump has the right to voice his opinion for the injustice happening in the country. As long as he is not interfering with the process.

    Lynneah D. Rol says:

    None of them really care.
    They're blowing hot air up every one's butt. Even when the President wins the re-election, they have a plan.
    Please…they are not going to let the President presided for another 4 years while they continue to find ways to put him out
    If anyone believes this you're lying to yourselves.
    Why would a billionaire spend GOBBS of money; not to make America Great or to help the American people; but he's MO is to remove the President.
    It appears their are MANY who have invested great amounts of money in this corruption; and many are guilty of it! The cancer goes down even into the bone marrow.
    Even though we are seeing a lot of hate and violence; they are probably holding back.
    Pray for judgement because it's not going to be okay.
    There's not going to be a big revival!
    There's not going to be a rapture!
    Pray that the day of the LORD will come because we are in trouble!

    Buh Whachasay says:

    Lindsey Graham was John McCain's butt boy for so long remembered? Linsey is the same a-hole he has always been

    Thomas Smestead says:

    Get off the soap box Dobbs.

    David Benner says:

    We know the Democrat Party hate the United States and us Americans.

    Tsang Lee Chang-Webb says:

    AG Barr is making his own job difficult when he has not done a thing about those career criminals.

    Freelander says:

    I want Americans to wake up to the fact they are not our rulers or dictators. They do not tell us what to do.
    Graham is for himself. And Barr is a plant. The DOJ is still corrupt What job . Barr has done nothing,
    All the players are still there .

    James Waller says:

    In all fairness, I can see Barr's point. The President's tweets only gives fodder to the asses to feed upon. That leaves Barr having to defend his decisions and prove that our president has not influenced him, at all, by his tweets. Look at the Dems response to this knowledge. Now they are accusing Barr of being a puppet of Pres. Trump. That makes it difficult to do his job when the Dem asses are looking for any reason to impeach Trump again.
    Yes, I can understand very clearly how that would make ones job very difficult.

    ato z says:


    kc Cox says:

    Some tweets would be better not tweeted at all coming from the political parties.

    Robert Hawes says:

    I keep hearing you repeatedly stating that phrase "The President has the right to choose whomever he wants in his administration… (as if no one's aware of the presidential powers)… he's the only President in recent history where that's a typical response, like that's ALL they have…..So if the President chooses to only have white men, and dismisses all minorities and women, according to that claim, that would be perfectly ok also? I mean, I just would like to know

    steve combs says:

    Slap on the hands. That's all they'll get. Looks like Barr's part of the deep state.

    Ron Preece says:

    When we don’t talk about the DOJ they abuse their power and politicize the DOJ. SO LETS TALK AND DEBATE !

    Tim Castens says:

    Kelly book coming out guaranteed

    Gerlinde Evans says:

    I can't believe what is going on in the USA. We have many corrupt polies here too but we do have faster indigtments. And they do hobyo jail. What the?? 🤣🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

    lulu winke says:

    Well, guess what? Eventually that 'fat' comes to the surface. TJ 2020 !

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