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  • Maharashtra Governor Invites BJP To Form Govt | ABP News

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  • Maharashtra governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari has invited BJP to form government in the state as it is the biggest party. It won 105 Vidhan Sabha seats during the assembly elections 2019. On 11 November before 8 pm, Bharatiya Janata Party will have to prove majority. Until now, Shiv Sena and BJP had been in a tussle for power. Shiv Sena had been demanding 50-50 formula in the state but BJP was not ready to do so
    #Maharashtra #BJP #DevendraFadnavis

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    Rupak chandra Shib says:

    How is possible BJP form government of Maharashtra when BJP Allies sibsana don't support BJP of this time , this is very important story of Maharashtra political history.

    SansariBabu says:

    Desh ke Sabhi Rajpal itne mahaan Nahi huye hain.. Yadi Kisi aor party ko zyada seats Mili hoti to shaayad aisa hota ya nahi..

    SANDEEP singh says:

    जे कोई बढ़ी खबर नहीं है क्योंकि के सरकारे आती रहे गी जाती रहेगी, सरकार तो किसी न किसी की बनेगी ही लेकिन इलाज के बिना कोई गरीब मर जाए तो कोई फायदा नहीं सरकारों के, मतलब मेरा आयुष्मान जोजना का कार्ड बना है 5 लाख का मुफ्त मे इलाज लेकिन इसको कोई नहीं पूछता,

    Raaj dash says:

    Bikau media

    Yash Kushwaha says:

    बीजेपी न्यूज चैनल नाम रख लो आप

    Priyanka Modi says:

    BJP ki sarkar banegi or NCP bahar se samarthan degi or jaichand Sena na ghar ki na ghar ki rahegi bete Pappu Ko cm Bana ne ki Zid me jaichand Sena NDA se or BMC se bhi jayegi ab shivsena ka Khel khatam hoga fayada NCP Ko hoga

    Priyanka Modi says:

    BJP Ko sarkar Bana ni chahiye or satta se shivsena Ko dur rakho Gaddaro ki party se MLA Ko khich ke sarkar BJP Ko Bana ni chahiye shivsena se sare risate Tod ke NDA or BMC se satta se dur kar do or gaddar jaichand Sena Ko apani okat dikha do

    Mp Singh says:

    Bahi ye media he hi modi feku kee dalali ke liye or ye anchor to sab ko pata he kesa he

    Anwarul Islam says:

    जो चाहे वो करो सरकार की मोदी की गवर्नर भी भाजपा का

    glass a says:

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