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  • McConnell Offers New Timing Information On Trump's Impeachment Trial | NBC News

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  • Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell offers new information on Trump’s upcoming impeachment trial after a weekly Republican party policy luncheon.
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    McConnell Offers New Timing Information On Trump’s Impeachment Trial | NBC News


    Depcom says:

    LMAO@ McCriminal! Karma has slapped this crooks face with an ugly stick! He looks like a cow with all that blubber hanging under his chin and his mouth is just a slit and he sounds like a goose squeaking when he tries to talk. HA HA HA HA HA! Where do these freaks come from! There should be a law requiring men with faces as hideous as McCriminals and The Orange Criminals face to wear a bag over their heads when they're out in public. They scare our children with their bogeyman looks!

    votes- have consequences says:

    Your a turtle neck PUTZ McConnell!!!

    Trey Atkins says:

    Dear Kentucky voters who want to vote Senate Majority leader Moscow Mitch out this year, the Senate is trying to pass a bill that would make it harder for Kentucky citizens to vote in November. If it's passed, Kentucky voters would be required to show PHOTO I.D. to vote. https://forwardky.com/three-reasons-the-voter-id-bill-is-bad-and-what-we-should-do-instead/

    Daniel Warner says:

    I hope the voters remember McConnell's actions and remove him from office.

    lefh harrison says:

    Not getting me my money over is one thing you might want to if you could argue a little bit about what you have done to me and that would you pretend that I'm not is another thing and you stopping me from weaving is another thing is to

    Dan C. says:

    Just stopped by to hear what Mr. McConnell had to say , btw good stuff … but as I was reading the comments I couldn't help notice all the anti-Trump trolls , lol , and how unimpressively weak (low) the responses to the trolls are , like 2-3 thumbs up , 1-2 responders to the trolls , lol … tells me this is the state of the "no support" anti-Trump movement , lol … 2020 really is going to be a Trump and Republican party landslide !!!

    April Sheba says:


    Ranaldo Bobsled says:

    Another story of how Trump didn't do what we know he did. Nice. Too bad gaslighting doesn't work on 70% of the populace.

    Lynn Proctor says:

    It seems we just keep spinning our wheels on this issue. We have been dragged through the mud with everyone in the House and the Senate talking about it ad nauseum, now the delay is without cause, while they delay it some more. It is no wonder our government has no money. We spend it all on hot air, on bureaucrats, lawyers, officials, debates, conferences, planning boards, committees, special sessions, etc. until every issue costs ten times what it should have cost. Why can't we just DO things, with speedy planning and oversight and be done with it? Millionaires and billionaires are fat with money that has been wasted on this inefficiency.

    J Clark says:

    How can Moscow Mitch even say that with a straight face, he's so crooked! Yes, call all those witnesses, all of them!

    Randy Arellanes says:

    This man is terrified that the dirt russia has on him may soon be made public.

    Make Racists Afraid Again says:

    Hi, Moscow Mitch.

    H Pn says:

    Trump can't wait.

    Evo C says:

    A white boy! Your unfair cause your weak and you will loose your job

    Mayelin Cauz Cuevas says:

    Can’t stand this man, he’s so sleazy, he couldn’t care less that there be a fair trial in the Senate. I truly hope Senator McConnell is voted out of office this yr.. He doesn’t deserve to be a Senator.

    Mayelin Cauz Cuevas says:

    Can’t stand this man, he’s so sleazy, he couldn’t care less that there be a fair trial in the Senate. I truly hope Senator McConnell is voted out of office this yr.. He doesn’t deserve to be a Senator.

    David J says:

    Trump: "Russia, if you’re listeni…. What am I saying?  Of course you're listening.😂  look, that thing you did for me in the last election…..well, I need you to do that same thing again. Oh, and Moscow Mitch says that his campaign could use a fresh injection of some more Russian rubles. Thanks. Or as you say in your Russian tongue, thanksky." 😉

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