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    #mediabuzz 6/2/19 [ FULL] | Breaking Fox News June 2, 2019

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    • Puerto Rico governor announces he will not seek re-election but refuses to resign - Fox News July 22, 2019
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    • Anna Wintour dodges questions about Melania Trump's style, praises Michelle Obama instead - AOL July 22, 2019
      Anna Wintour dodges questions about Melania Trump's style, praises Michelle Obama instead  AOLMelania Trump: ‘Superficial’ - First Lady's aide savages Michelle Obama in fiery rebuke  Express.co.ukMichelle Obama praised as BEST ambassador to US by Anna Wintour who ignores Melania  Express.co.ukView full coverage on Google News
    • Navy sends nuclear submarine to Gulf after Iran seizes British oil tanker - Express.co.uk July 22, 2019
      Navy sends nuclear submarine to Gulf after Iran seizes British oil tanker  Express.co.uk'Alter your course:' Hear tense audio before Iran seized UK-flagged ship  CNNAudio released of Iran-British Navy exchange before oil tanker seizure  Fox NewsThe Guardian view on Iran’s seizure of a British tanker: dangerous waters ahead  The GuardianIran is upping the ante in the Gulf. The UK must […]
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    #mediabuzz 6/2/19 [ FULL] | Breaking Fox News June 2, 2019
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    Tracy Cornwell says:

    What the report did not do was recommend indictments on President Trump. Whether he can indict or not, no recommendations were given to the DOJ. So to come out and say the it did not exonerate Trump, was an attempt at a public conviction. Mueller, albeit an honorable man, was wrong in doing so and should have an ethics hearing for potential disbarment.

    Patrick Austin says:

    Hang mueller with the rest of the deep state swamp creatures.

    Blanche-Marie Couture says:

    You bunch of rats have called the President a lot worst than what is said about Biden (peanut brain) by Kim of NK…your hypocrisy knows no bound!

    RON H says:

    Mueller has a weak, squeaky, breaking voice. Has he hit puberty yet?

    163pete says:

    Mueller should be charged with treason

    Andrew Almond says:

    Mueller is a pos. his team hid evidence in senator ted stevens case. case was thrown out after it cost ted the election. then one of muellers attorneys commited suicide. these are not lawful people.

    Greg Coleman says:

    Biden threatened to withhold a billion in foreign aid loans for Ukraine to fire a prosecutor who coincidently was investigating Biden’s son for corruption in a large Ukraine company. If that not obstruction of justice then what is?

    Mark Jones says:

    That's pretty bad when even one of our enemies like the president of Korea knows that vice president can look at him and tell that he has a low IQ he's agreeing what's obvious Joe Budden has a low IQ mean it's obvious everybody even the ones that are bitching about it what he said with your behind us had though is a thirst for young little girls

    Jorge Sixto Antonio Vargas Bueno says:

    it was difficult for a person like Mueller to do an investigation, it is seen that he is half fool, he did not find anything and he did not know how to finish it, the Attorney General put things in their place, there was nothing, everything was lies and false accusations, now we have to investigate to Comey, Brennan Claper, Obama who was the President who manages the first 3, Clinton the candidate, but not so long, and they must go to prison, Comey, Brennan, Claper, God bless the US and President Donald Trump

    Ramon Capinpin says:

    It's about time that the US military NEUTRALIZE with EXTREME PREJUDICE all the TRAITORS from the FBI and the CIA who committed HIGH TREASON by COVERTLY staging a COUP D ETAT to overthrow the duly elected President of the RICHEST country in the world and the Commander in Chief of the most POWERFUL Armed Forces in the Universe Donald J Trump. Simply because COMEY and BRENNAN were using their partners in crime from CNN…FOX NEWS and all the FAKE NEWS MEDIA APPARATUS to actively RECRUIT and CONVINCE present members of the CIA and the FBI including the SECRET SERVICE AGENTS assigned to protect TRUMP and his family…to join them in their SEDITION and convey the SUBLIMINAL MESSAGE that the FAKE NEWS MEDIA will protect them("LOOK AT US"…"the fake news media make us famous and wealthy…join the bandwagon"). These rogue gallery of TRAITORS were very dangerous people…for crying out loud…they were LICENSE TO KILL. Yes…they were like JAMES BOND…they can KILL whom they chooses….wherever they chooses and whenever they chooses. They can use the most sophisticated machines and equipments paid for by the US TAXPAYERS to get RID of their TARGETS. They can use billions of dollars SLUSH FUND provided by the government to carry out COVERT dirty jobs operation. They have security clearance to access highly classified government SECRETS including but not limited to US MILITARY
    dossiers…and LEAK it to their comrades from the FAKE NEWS MEDIA or even to RED CHINA and RUSSIA. Yes…these TRAITORS really knows how to break the LAW and claim that what they were doing is legitimate and of course the FAKE NEWS MEDIA will cover up their SINS. These TRAITORS knew the power of the DICTATORSHIP of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA to INFLUENCE politicians and public opinions by abusing the paramount FREEDOM of the PRESS to spread LIES…FAKE NEWS…FAKE POLLS and SURVEYS(without scientific methodology) to INFLUENCE the thinking and decision makings of politicians and to INDOCTRINATE and ALTER the MINDS of the PEOPLE. Yes…these TRAITORS were UNTOUCHABLES and they knew it because most of them were LAWYERS whose specialty is to BREAK the LAW and get away with it using the DICTATORSHIP of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA APPARATUS. Only MARTIAL LAW can prevent these TRAITORS from doing more harm and MAYHEM to the security of the United States government. TRUMP had a SACRED COVENANT with the people to defend the security of the United States from all TRAITORS and to destroy them. TRUMP had the enormous power provided by the US CONSTITUTION to DECIMATE and ELIMINATE these TRAITORS who were CLEAR and PRESENT danger to our country. Do it and do it now! The American PEOPLE deserve a country free from the DICTATORSHIP of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA and the menace of TRAITORS from the FBI and the CIA. The American PEOPLE will support TRUMP 100% because they knew the very SINISTER PLOT is there to get RID of him by all means necessary and the FAKE NEWS MEDIA APPARATUS were announcing it constantly…non-stop…24/7. The American PEOPLE shed a TEARS when they ASSASSINATED John F Kennedy…but this time…the EVIL PEOPLE who were plotting to get RID of TRUMP will not see TEARS once they succeeded in eliminating TRUMP…instead…they will see BULLETS. Yes..the American PEOPLE were finally realizing that the DICTATORSHIP of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA were being USED by the multi national corporations that owned the giant media and entertainment conglomerates all over the world as a propaganda machine the same way HITLER and GOEBEL used the NAZI controlled MASS MEDIA to ENSLAVE humanity. The American PEOPLE knew and of course even the rank and file of the United States Armed Forces and even TRUMP and his loyal supporters from the EVANGELICAL CHRISTIANS that the major stockholders of these multi national corporations were the multi billionaire friends and relatives of PUTIN…XI JING PIN and the absolute RULERS of countries that hate the number one democracy in the world…the great United States of America…and they want to destroy it. The DICTATORSHIP of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA is their best and ultimate weapon to destroy the United States of America. So HELP US GOD.

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