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    MSNBC With Alex Witt 5/4/19 [12 PM] MSNBC Breaking News Today May 4, 2019

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    sol rayz says:

    WTF?   little rocketman's word is as worthless our liar-in-chief's?    who'd a thunk?

    MusicByJC says:

    But Trump said that the NK nuclear threat was over and Trump isn't one to lie.

    Debra Smith says:

    Kim "test fired" with PUTIN's approval. Shhhhh- Don't tell Trump.

    Denis Bailey says:

    Fox News reported America without a president.

    Kim Nguyen says:

    To donal trump you are the worst, nasty,bully,, mentally sick nick you are cons man cheap and lowlifes, you need to resign now before they are going to impeach you

    John Dewispelaere says:

    Mountain into a mouse?? Ha Ha! Proof of evolution! How about a molehill.

    Kaden Larkin says:

    Poutin Country Holes him up Wow trump Tour his country down he’s nothing but a mob boss that don’t care about this country The Senate is his followers

    John Dewispelaere says:

    I am making my report. Very succesful! What are your new instructions Komrade!

    Diane Davidson says:

    Corporate Media, pushing Corporate Dems. Progressives are where the party is.

    Simple logic says:

    FAT POS POTUS calling anyone else rude is laughable.

    Lynn Carlberg says:

    Remember the RNC was also hacked. The GOP is compromised.

    Lynn Carlberg says:

    Phillip Mena is FINE 💜 lol

    Millie Ruff says:

    The Sky is falling! Kim is playing with firecrackers again,cower but be assured cap't donnie will save you from doom yet again…

    Mike Bruse says:

    What holds him back? Small, yet painful yeast infection.

    Randy Gourdine says:

    Trump supporters?…please tell ur master to remove Putin's nuts from his chin

    Randy Gourdine says:

    Trump gonna go and kiss more dictator ass again…no surprise

    LB says:

    He acts like a tough guy in front of almost everybody, but in front of Putin, he is a mouse.

    Al Vahnomicron says:

    These missile launches are political theater. Trump's entire relationship with Kim Jong Un is scripted by the Kremlin. North Korea is the go-to distraction. Ever notice how NK only "flares up" when the headlines focus too hard on Trump and Putin's shady association? …only to fade away suddenly once the public has stopped focusing on Trump/Putin?

    Benjamin Miiller says:

    North Korea just exposing the real failure of this administrations foreign policy. It has been a joke, because they are basically using the Evangelical Televangelist platform of "the end times" as their playbook. This is what it looks like in a theocracy people. The take over would be, and still could be completed, if drumph and McConnell continue to stack the courts with right wing religious zealots.

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