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  • Nancy Pelosi: Evidence Is Clear That President Donald Trump Undermined National Security | MSNBC

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  • NBC’s Geoff Bennett reports from Nancy Pelosi’s weekly press conference, where she discussed where the impeachment proceedings will go from here and the Republicans repeated attempts to out the whistleblower. Aired on 11/21/19.
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    Nancy Pelosi: Evidence Is Clear That President Donald Trump Undermined National Security | MSNBC


    Roger 68 says:

    Just start the impeachment process, why are the democrats afraid of this? what do they have to hide ?

    Aramai Jonassi says:

    The evidence has been clear since his Russia are you listening shout out. IDK why anyone let that clown into the WH without doing a clean election on paper ballots. Sadly it'll happen again in 2020.

    Daniel Swisaa says:

    why no one talks about biden? evryone wants to know 'whether he got bribe.

    jacqueline helbert says:

    Nancy Pelosi and the democrats have done nothing since President Trump is in office,so far Our President is the only one working so hard and accomplishing with success for all AMERICANS a better life.There is nothing for impeachment of our President ,everyone should know it ,Our President his the most transparent person i know,listen to one of his speech and you will see what a patriotic man he is,the peoples supporting him know the truth and are also as patriotic USA USA USA

    wire shark says:

    Looks like Jim Hensons crew got her on string's.

    CKY Cheung says:

    Imagine if trump was your dad…
    Just imagine it..

    Ryan Kennedy says:

    When its all said and done watch all of the main players get pardoned and nobody will be held accountable.. The only people who will do anytime will be the folks with smaller roles. What would have to happen for the republicans in this country to see they are dismantling our democracy.. Undermining the rule of law serves none of us. The right is doing russias bidding.. Wake up america before its too late

    Lisa Lotwin says:

    The GOP is drowning and Trump is throwing them an anchor every single day. Cut this albatross loose. Has Trump ever denied Putin anything he asked or wished ?

    Lisa Lotwin says:

    Are we all ready for a PELOSI INAUGURATION? I am.

    Mylo Fuentes says:

    We love you mr trump 🇺🇸

    obim onujiogu says:

    President should humbly negotiate his exit to save America from chronic embarrassment.

    Craig Thurlow says:


    Ander Ander says:

    What's clear is that Nancy Pelosi is a 79 year old drunk

    King OfTroy says:

    Its over nancy stick a fork in schiff

    Halfstar3 says:

    She is a very sick woman. Trump derangement syndrome in full flight.

    Little Trump says:

    In the matter of arguments that accusing a crime of any name, we always
    need proof. This issue has been clearly written in the legal documents
    of all countries with a clear and transparent legal background.
    United States Democratic Party is linked from two things that happened
    in the past. They then deduced into accusing Mr. Trump when ignoring a
    very important evidence to connect the two things together. Instead, the
    US Democratic Party has been trying to convince the US public opinion
    that Mr. Trump is guilty without this important evidence.
    The big problem is that if you do it, so can I.

    Let's have a look at the way how the U.S Democrats accuse Mr. Trump

    They took two facts:

    1. Mr. Trump has postponed the amount of $ 391 million to aid Ukraine, which was previously approved by the US Congress.

    2. At the same time, Mr. Trump asked the President of Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden.
    The US Democratic Party used their inference to bring the two events together.

    argument of the US Democratic Party in this case is that Mr. Trump used
    the aid to Ukraine as a pressure to force the President of Ukraine to
    investigate Joe Biden.
    But we will see that the postponement of aid
    to Ukraine will have many other causes (more than one). When Trump gives
    another reasonable cause for the postponement of aid to Ukraine, the
    link between the postponement of aid and the investigation on Joe will
    be broken.
    This disruption will expose and denounce Democrats
    slandering the President. They deserve punishment from the law. Because
    no one is above the law.

    To prove their deduction is true, they
    need a tape to record Trump's voice, saying something like "no
    investigation, no aid". But the US Democratic Party was cowardly enough
    to ignore this important evidence.

    Now likewise I will take three issues that have happened in the past.
    1. Hong Kong people had been protesting for over four months but the Beijing government had left them alone.
    2. The US Democratic Party has held an impeachment on Mr. Trump.
    on November 15, 2019 the US Democratic Party began the impeachment
    session on Mr. Trump. and then on November 18, 2019, the Beijing
    government began to persecute Hong Kong protesters

    I will link
    the facts together and through that I follow the same path the US
    Democratic Party used to accuse Mr. Trump of bribing the President of
    Ukraine. I accuse the Democratic Party of taking Chinese money to
    organize an impeachment on Mr. Trump, keeping Mr. Trump busy with the
    impeachment so he cannot interfere with the Chinese persecution of Hong
    Kong protesters.
    The US Democratic Party is fully responsible for the
    bloody situations that Hong Kong protesters suffer. Because this is
    caused by the dirty, disgusting imposition that the Democratic Party
    tries to hold an impeachment without the most important evidence.
    the denials of the US Democratic Party's responsibility for the
    torture, beatings and arrests of Hong Kong protesters prove that the US
    Democratic Party is deprived of humanity, conscience, cold-blooded with
    all they have done

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