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  • Navjot Singh Sidhu emotional Speech at Kartarpur Corridor Ceremony | 09 Nov 2019

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    Navjot Singh Sidhu Historic speech at Kartarpur corridor | People like PM Khan change history

    Navjot Singh Sidhu addresses in inauguration of Kartarpur corridor.

    Today is very historic day for 14 Crore Sikhs around the Globe – Siddhu.

    Navjot Singh Sidhu speech at Kartarpur Border Opening Ceremony

    This is how Novjat Singh Sidhu thanked PM Imran Khan

    Navjot Singh Sidhu Historical Speech at Inauguration of Kartarpur Corridor Nankana

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    vipinbagga1 says:

    You are speaking as if Modi has no role in this beautiful development. Dont bring your friendship in appreciating this rogue PM.

    Mohammad Saleem says:

    Big fan u sir thoko taali

    madhu 04 says:

    Bakvas karta hau ya sidhu

    Rashid Imran says:

    Thanks Sidhu G tusi aj punjab noh ik kartah,Thanks from uk



    anuj kumar says:

    Modi sahab teri bhi
    Iska mtb kiya h bhosdi ka

    Deep Pb13 says:

    Ik laangha khul gya duja v khol deyo mai bola allaha allaha tusi waheguru bol deyo

    ajay mehra says:

    Sidhu g bahut acha bola apne ,Modi g or imran Khan g ko thanks

    ajay mehra says:

    Kartarpur sahib ko kafi pehle hi khul jana chiye tha,thanks Modi g apke bade dil ka ,waheguru g

    Nyquiiist says:

    Not gonna lie, its pretty heart warming to see everyone getting along. Hope peace prevails all over the sub-continent!


    Siddhu did not understand it is consprency of pak

    Azhar Malik says:

    Super speech siddu si dil se Salam bhai

    umair rafaqat says:

    Dil se respect Navjot Sir, ❤️

    h khan says:

    its a true feelings from a pure soul  to the pure soul

    BABU RAJ says:


    Jaddah Auto Repair Electrican , Technician says:

    Sidu jee you and our khan man with vision we love both of you and congratulations to Sikh nation

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