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  • New poll shows 4-way fight for top spot in Iowa

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  • A New York Times/Siena College poll shows Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) as the top choice among Democrats in Iowa, but the top tier is very close behind. Alex Burns, a national political correspondent for the New York Times, joins CNN’s Kate Bolduan to discuss. #CNN #News


    shitz Mgee says:

    This Bunch couldn't run the local Dairy Queen..

    Jeff E says:

    Pete's basically a socially conscious Republican. That may be appealing to some, but it's definitely not for others who are looking for change and to weaken the oligarchy and return power back to individual voters.

    shitz Mgee says:

    JOE The Pervert Pedofile BIDEN is out groping innocent woman. He should be Hog tided and castrated like a wild Pig

    Marie Devine says:

    Control of the health care system is one of the "45 Communist Goals For Takeover of America" seen on divine-way.com and read to Congress in 1963.  With a mandatory health care system for all, it can bring in the control through the inserted chip in your hand or forehead to monitor payments, control your bank account, collect fines, and control medical data.  That is the "Mark of the Beast" forbidden by God in the Bible. 

    God warns against seeking riches and honors, interest and insurance; the health care system is not good health, it is insurance, requiring most to pay a bill; it is not based on faith in God, but on faith in doctors and insurance companies instead of God.  Good health is God's promise for living the life of freedom in a garden paradise lifestyle of fresh foods grown in your own neighborhood and no stress, not lifelong employment to pay insurance bills etc.

    Solution X says:

    The republicans gerrymandered the maps , the democrats need to change that

    Lucifer Dragneel says:

    BIden needs to go. He's going to be a real problem.

    MyName IsArthur says:

    Trump won in 2020! He has my vote as well as millions of others. You Democrats lies to us. You said you would help the country if you gained control of the house, yet you have done nothing but cry and complain about how you hate trump. Your a bunch of dis honest people. Are the people honestly this stupid to keep voting democrat or do you just not want to here the truth.

    Mark Tito says:

    Real Purpose of Impeachment Is to Make Up for Weak Democratic Field

    Alex Baez says:

    This is the best 4 the dems have !!!?????????

    Salty Bear says:

    Pleeeeese Elizabeth Warren. Please, oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please, GIVE US POCAHONTAS!

    R C says:

    No matter who does the polling, Harris, Yang & Klobuchar never manage to reach 5%. And even when Bernie's in 2nd place, CNN doesn't bother to talk about that.

    Angela Tester says:

    PLEASE….. Iowans, check out some of the Andrew Yang video's/interviews. He's new, clever and talks straight. He wants the best for all Americans and knows about the challenges.

    Edward James says:

    I guess people don't listen or read…smh! These are the top Democrats IN IOWA not the country!!!!! 63 million people voted for Hillary, the Iowa caucuses will probably draw about 170,000 people. If YOU want Bernie, YOU vote for him. However, remember there are MILLIONS of people who may or may not share your views…and it's far from over!

    LostInPA says:

    Let’s be real. Biden is done. It’s not gaffes. It’s mental decline. Bernie is out from age and the health issue. Not electable in a national election. It’s Warren until Hillary swoops in.

    Michael Thompson says:

    None of these idiots are worth a crap

    Notebook Of Thinkers says:

    What the fuck does dislike mean nowadays!!!!!!!!!! Y keep showing channels like CNN on trends when we keep saying no!!!!!

    T West says:

    It's about time a native American became our president and it's a woman to boot! too bad she's not gay, half black and transitioning!

    KingoftheCatnip says:

    Polls aren't worth a god damn, they lie.

    Steve Loks says:

    Bernie 2020, time to cry corporate stooges

    Buddy L says:

    The "Donkeys " are stepping on each , " fragmentation"

    Jbaz says:

    More fake polls. More fake news. It doesn't matter what CNN polls say. It doesn't even matter which one of those clowns win. Trump will own them in 2020! Keep watching CNN Democrats.

    Ray Cabana says:

    CNN sucks Democrats have exactly 0 chance of winning anything LOL fake news

    Li Ryan says:

    If you don't want you nation becoming a chaotic, violent, unsafe, poor and corrupt country, you should keep radical democrats, liberals and leftists out. See what they did and are doing, they can make every country become everyone's nightmare !

    Dr. Cheddafununda says:

    She's looking at the teleprompter when she goes to ask about mayor Pete. Stop pushing your bullshit hackery.

    yella says:

    I want yang, but if not yang I'd go with Sanders.

    Chas Murphy says:

    Actual headline: Biden begins hemorrhaging percentage points onto the other DNC candidates

    Rells1130 Army says:

    Everyone sees how they dont want bernie to win. So lets get out and help him out and vote for
    bernie sanders

    mrburns805 says:

    God Pete Buttigieg is such a prick. I hope people wake up to this soon.

    Edward Martinez says:

    Get these crimmals out of politics! And CNN out of media

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