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    News Now Stream 05/07/19 (FNN)

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    Letme Turnonthelights says:

    Complete bllsht.

    Ray Vincent says:

    Propaganda of Upside down Babbling Chimpanzees that will do anything To Lie their asses off And Take Control of Oil & harm those That Speaks against War mongrels that Need A Large War Chest!

    David Hawkins says:

    What about demicrats here ?

    Nancy Olson says:

    AMERICA has NO NEED for Oil from ANY other country ! We only need to reduce the rediculous red tape and laws preventing us to tap our OWN resources and therefore depend on other countries !!! Time to STOP THIS NOW !!! We have MORE THAN ENOUGH of our own. It also DOES NOT HELP ANYONE in SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST COUNTRIES to send them money which is confiscated by their corrupt government ! What REALLY HELPS THESE CHILDREN AND SUFFERING PEOPLE IN VENEZUELA is to support the rising up of the PEOPLE against Failed impovishering ideology/political system because ALL of the countries historically, and worldwide where Socialism or Communism have taken over, stagnates and causes suffering of its people through lack of freedom and POVERTY !!! The intelligent and compassionate way for AMERICA to support our brothers and sisters suffering in Venezuela is to support the People, Freedom and DEMOCRACY !!! And bring temporary needed food and medical care etc. BUT only while STRONGLY STANDING for support of a FREE CONSTITUTIONAL DEMOCRACY IN VENEZEULA !!!!! God Bless America, Venezuela and the world !!!!!!! Let Freedom Ring !

    dan cooper says:

    good for Russia, Iran and Cuba for helping Venezuela while the US tries to strangle the country so it can steal it's oil, your not fooling anyone Pence you dummy.

    John Galt says:

    How about breathless nonstop news coverage of the dozens of people shot on a daily basis in our inner city neighborhoods?

    Source Hauntings says:

    Uhhhh- okay- so Venezuela has a shitty leader ( wow we have had many) had another country take advantage of them ( wow- so have we) and we are going to do what? Go in guns blazing and give them freedom? Ask the Iraqis about our freedom giving. We blow you the f😡ck up.. Here's an idea- stay out of it- let the people fight and rise up- it is happening- it's their fight- not ours. Give them moral support, food aid, refugee camps- etc.. But please America: please do NOT give them your kinda strong arm kill a fly on a camels ass type freedom.

    Dunirah Khan says:

    This is stupid government who doesn't care for these innocent children.they just make the speech and go. Around the world there are many children killed by terrorists but who's care. We are so sorry we can't do anything except sit and watch.

    FC Yu says:


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