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    Outnumbered 7/31/19 | Breaking Fox News News July 31, 2019

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    Outnumbered 7/31/19 | Breaking Fox News News July 31, 2019
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    cbes2407 says:

    This woman Jessica is soooh annoying . Oh shut up Jessica you are the racist one moron. I can’t stand this woman. Good on you Harris.

    cbes2407 says:

    President Trump is not attacking Baltimore Steve. Stop defending the corrupt people. Democrats are hypocrites. Good on you Lisa.

    cbes2407 says:

    Who cares about Democrat. Exposed them President Trump for their corruption.

    Tarka Jedi says:

    This guy idiotically suggested Trump should release his Tax records so that the Demorats could attack him!!! America voted idiot….

    Tarka Jedi says:

    Nice sounding fools are still fools…
    This nice guy on the couch talks softly but is a total idiot…

    Trump is not racist…

    In fact he won awards from the Black community but the moment he ran and was a threat he was called every name under the sun…

    Is he rough? Yes !!!
    Is he accomplished? Yes !!!
    Is he doing an amazing job? Yes !!!

    Ken Sirmons says:

    Want to fix Baltimore? Find out where the $15.7 billion went and throw the corrupt leeches in jail who put it in their pockets. Things will start happening 🇺🇸

    angeline san diego says:

    Give jessica her blankie, she’s about to have a temper tantrum😂😂

    tracy reich says:

    All 4 of these ladies have been extremely professional and it is obvious today that politics is overwhelming them as well as they defend or criticize all politicians. Stay strong ladies!

    William Rochr says:

    I thought the lib girl was going to have a meltdown. Mr. Cummings called Baltimore a " drug infested place with people walking around like zombies. " Isn't that racist? I thought Jessica was going to stomp her feet and walk out. Her immaturity is concerning.

    Nandini Bhagwat says:


    Curtis Thomas says:

    Man i gave yall a chance. Fuck this youlll keep havung the problem because you placate to the left. Fuck your comments

    Geoff Simpkins says:

    Who is that B$&:h?

    James Escobar says:

    This is just one more reason why we will never come together as a nation again, the only way out of this is civil war, the ballot box will not resolve this .

    Loretta Gallegos says:

    Throw Jessica off the panel she is being so insubordinate and bringing up issues that more than half of the population agree that they leave if they are unhappy. Look at the mess obama did to this country.

    Loretta Gallegos says:

    Amy the witch that mistreats her employees and eats with her comb. Elijah is a racist he was yelling at the white border patrol on live tv so what goes around comes around. Just quit ripping off your people and clean up you city. RACIST.

    Joe Carr says:

    Who is This never Trumper on the Couch, I've Never heard of him. Trump is Not racist, The inner cities are Rat Infested and no one lives there by choice! Fact

    David Potwin says:

    Put the race deck of cards away we are humans

    Sonny Dee says:

    Pres Trump:

    "There is nothing racist in stating plainly what most people already know, that Elijah Cummings has done a terrible job for the people of his district, and of Baltimore itself. Dems always play the race card when they are unable to win with facts."

    Democrats like Elijah Cummings, Maxine Waters, the entire CBC cabal, hates Truth, hates Facts, because Facts and Truth exposes them for who and what they really are – corrupt serial lying leftist racial promulgating political con men and women, who's only concern is power and money, living lives of DC luxury and elitism, who tell steal and divert US tax payer dollars to their crony political partners – Unions, Community Organizers, Party coffers, and their family personal pockets.

    Ultimately, it's the Black African-American voters in their districts who keep voting them back into office while staying in abject poverty, filth, rat infested communities that never change are to blame.

    matt johnson says:

    love the lovely ladies, not in the least interested in what an ignorant never Trumper like Steve Hayes has to say

    wayne blair says:

    Looking on from New Zealand, you run on about racism like children. This started with Cummings getting upset about the border. All Trump suggested was Cummings 26 years in his own back yard. Nothing to see when given billions of dollars. Racism? All grow up.

    Dog Lover says:

    Jessica doesn't bring any meat to a conversation…like her buddy Juan…Im very tired of these liberal mouth pieces..



    jack cummings says:

    As the man himself said, money has been pouring into Baltimore, for years..So Question..What have they done with it..are they incompetent there, or is there more to it than that. ?? The place has been talked about for years by both parties, yet, it took a tweet from Trump, to breath life into the problems and who is responsible.

    Draconis Dragonheart says:

    The PC needs to go. Democrats are allow to do, and say anything they want.

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