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  • Overwatch 2: Developer Talks Progression, Hero Missions and More! – Blizzcon 2019

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  • James asks Overwatch 2’s principle designer Scott Mercer about hero mission, progression, the story, and more!

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    The World War Z Game Looks Surprisingly Good - IGN Daily Fix

    In today's Fix we talk: Black Ops 4 DLC leak, World War Z characters classes, and the return of Thanos.

    Black Ops 4 DLC Leaks A Day Early

    World War Z Playable Classes Revealed

    Thanos Returns To Fortnite?

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    YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/ignentertainment?sub_confirmation=1



    Da Chop Up says:

    How much will this cost us chief

    Ciaran Cardiff says:

    It really shouldn't be a new game, it's the first game with extra pieces, should be an expansion, I know it would be a big one but I didn't buy a game to know that I have to buy it again to get more.

    Impending Doom says:

    Can’t wait!!!

    masknecr says:

    This supposed to be expansion pack.

    Matt M says:

    I’ll buy a whole new game if all that’s changed is that there is no sombra

    ninjalad33 says:

    Totally unrelated to Overwatch: But does anyone know what the name of this soundtrack is in the background?

    CZChameleon says:

    Wait… so the leveling and abilities are not gonna be in PvP? And I though, there is gonna be some variety…

    Silver58 says:

    These new abilities would actually make a great moveset if a Ow Rep gets in Smash.

    I'm expecting negative responses from people who disagrees with my opinion but I don't care who disagrees at me. I can dream if I like.

    Boocat says:

    This is Overwatch 1.5 50 pound experience 😂😂

    Captain Falcon says:

    "It's a full-blown sequel."
    (Face palms)

    Thomas Corr says:

    I’m a huge fan of how they handled overwatch 2! Overwatch 2 being more like an update is so that people don’t have to buy the new game to keep playing overwatch if they don’t want to. If you have a problem with the new game being a normal price I have a suggestion. Stop whining like a baby and don’t buy the new game.

    OhThatsNasty1 says:

    Ow2: gets a full blown story mode and side hero missions, with talent systems and additional maps and heros and updated engine/graphics while still allowing players to keep thier OW1 progress and styles, etc.

    Ow community: WhY iSn'T tHiS dLc.

    katsupoi says:

    they better not nerf tracer's butt

    Matt Bell says:

    Youcan buy this now but its not callrd overwatch its callrd battleborn

    Generation: Game says:

    So…what about crossplay

    Matt Bell says:

    Im still not convinced this is a new game

    Jayce Gow says:

    The interviewer sounds like fitz quite a bit 😂😂

    Filip Mrcela says:

    Why a sequel? Just release this as an expansion with new visuals for like 20$

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