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  • Overwatch 2 – EXCLUSIVE OVERWATCH 2 PVP GAMEPLAY (New Skins, Free to Play, AND MORE)

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  • Lots of people are wondering how Overwatch 2 is going to be. If it will be free to play, will my skins transfer over, will I get the new gamemodes? I answer most of the questions in regards of Overwatch 2 in this video, along with showing the new gamemode and skins of heroes!

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    BRO YOU WACK says:

    Thanks for watching! This OW2 video was a little bit more professional, with the Genji gameplay provided by Blizzard! Let me know what you think about OW2, and let me know if any questions you still have!

    Kaycon says:

    So overwatch pvp is F2P?
    And the ability and level system is not for PvP?

    Juwangsang says:

    Im expecting overwatch 2 to cost around 20/ 30 usd, since its just the campain

    xXBattleSamuraiXx says:

    Might as well start crying cuz we all broke from buying overwatch 1 and we want the pve experience

    At least i wanted pve 🙁

    Bobi says:

    Will you only be able to level up your hero’s in P.V.E or also the P.V.P

    Bob Smekens says:

    I NEED overwatch 2

    CRAZYmath 22 says:

    I'm so happy that pvp from overwatch 2 is free because I just bought overwatch on switch

    colin sch says:

    Soooo I can keep my ow 1 skins in ow2?


    Clifford 21 says:

    On OW2 are there still going to be all the same events and game modes (AKA it's just the new look and story mode)

    Rez me plz says:

    YES that’s the only reason I watched this video to see if my skins would transfer thank you for clearing things up

    ceziceza26 cute says:

    Gurl mercy your a queen

    Random user says:

    Overwatch has been out for three years im sure every can ditch it for overwatch 2

    Random user says:

    They shouldve just ditched overwatch 1 and made overwatch 2 properly with at least 12 new heros and maps

    Ben Short says:

    So same characters, just re-skinned?

    Joker says:

    How are my skins gonna transfer on PlayStation?

    VortexFN says:

    Do you keep gold guns?

    Joker says:

    Why was there no killfeed in the genji gameplay?

    Lewis Mansfield says:

    Luckily ea doesn’t own overwatch

    cinema gameing says:

    how to download overwatch 2?

    zєr0 t0lєrαncє says:

    "all heroes get a new look."
    h m m m

    Hammody says:

    I hope PVE will be free. What do i spend 60$ on? just multiplayer?

    sugardollie says:


    JC-Cat says:

    OMG i'm so excited for the new hero sandra 8:22

    God Zilla says:

    Is this free because on my country is so expensive

    Дани Митев says:

    So, from what I understand about overwatch 2 is that we have to pay for it and overwatch 1 will become free even tho we all payed for it and they will make us pay for overwatch 2 which gives them extra money and the new overwatch players will be able to play a game that we payed a lot for, for free?!?? If they make overwatch 1 for free they have to give overwatch 2 for free for the people who payed for overwatch 1

    Nomade says:

    it does not make sense to call that overwatch "2" if its only adding PVE and some heroes. ITs much more like an expenssion pack or stand alone…

    TheWarriorK76 says:

    Can u level up abilities if u have OW 1

    Sam Goodger says:

    Actually for some reason they haven’t redone Brigitte, it isn’t on the website and it doesn’t have a two next to it in-game, I’m sure it’ll come with the rest but a bit odd as she is the only current hero that was in the cinematic that hasn’t been upgraded yet

    Voidz says:

    i failed no nut November thanks to brig in the new cinematic smh

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