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  • Overwatch 2 Hands-On Gameplay Impressions – Blizzcon 2019

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  • Stella and Matt discuss their impression of the Overwatch 2 hands-on demo!

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    The World War Z Game Looks Surprisingly Good - IGN Daily Fix

    In today's Fix we talk: Black Ops 4 DLC leak, World War Z characters classes, and the return of Thanos.

    Black Ops 4 DLC Leaks A Day Early

    World War Z Playable Classes Revealed

    Thanos Returns To Fortnite?

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    G4cha Lynx says:

    Why're people being so negative??! The new Overwatch 2 looks lit!! and i can't wait to play it!!

    Jerry Seinfeld says:

    As if anyone cares about another overwatch. One was enough for me.

    RIP Pilot says:

    "I like how crisp the 60fps is"
    video isn't uploaded at 60fps

    Ryan Prenzler says:

    Is there going to be an offline mode

    Relph says:

    Can’t wait to see the robot voice lines praising the Chinese communist party and then vaguely apologising in the next round

    FakkuElite says:

    There is nothing here that can't be added in a patch

    Adoring Fan says:

    It looks the same tho?

    Alpha Alcove says:

    So basically, Blizzard took a page out of Bethesda's books. Same game engine, new textures, same game mechanics.

    Impending Doom says:

    Looks badass, cheers Blizzard!!

    Tavaman3 says:

    imagine calling the exact same game overwatch 2

    David P says:

    Show of hands of anyone in the comments section who has played the game yet im talkn bout Overwatch 2 cuz y’all crying like a mf

    Gorefest says:

    if i have the game i need to buy that game?

    Hannah says:

    You can tell that man is watching a teleprompter, he ain’t looking anywhere else when he speaks

    zero says:

    Is there a story mode?

    Adam says:

    It’s the exact same game lmao. Fail

    Drake Renfroe says:

    Genji will still be my main lol

    Hunters Last Nightmare says:

    Looks like they’re selling y’all the same game XD

    Dooka says:

    IGN working hard to fill that race inclusive quota

    K J says:

    They better not charge us $60 dollars for this expansion

    MattVizery says:

    Such a cashgrab its unreal

    DrMcMoist says:

    "Go out there and talk about this game like it doesn't look exactly like the first iteration".

    Sweats profusely

    Thomas Heeley says:

    I didn’t quite understand what they we’re talking about but it’s like a full fledged thing UHHHH like destiny 2 type experience in overwatch

    Bob says:

    I don't like the first game much but why the hate? Dislikes ect just curious though people liked this

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