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This Woman Got A Visit From The Police After Posting A Video About Racism In China

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The Latest Tactic For Getting Refugees Out Of Detention Hotels? Leaving Negative Online Reviews.

More than 200 refugees and asylum seekers are detained at close quarters in hotels despite coronavirus fears. View Entire Post ›

Face Coverings And Drug Treatments Will Help The UK Manage Coronavirus Until A Vaccine Is Found

At his first press conference since he was hospitalised with the virus, Boris Johnson said the UK was “past the peak” of the outbreak and “on the downward slope”. View Entire Post ›

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The NLRB Is Looking Into Claims That Amazon Violated Employees' Rights During The Coronavirus Pandemic

As employees, labor activists, and lawmakers decry Amazon’s firing of employees involved in labor protests, the National Labor Relations Board is looking at the company’s record of targeting people over social distancing violations View Entire Post ›

The University Of California Will Suspend Payments On Student Loans That It Holds Through Sept. 30

The UC system is also setting interest rates on its loans at 0% through the end of September, extending relief to borrowers left behind by Congress. View Entire Post ›

Apple And Google Are Teaming Up To Track The Spread Of The Coronavirus

The two companies are developing software for iPhones and Android devices that will help health officials tell people if they were in recent contact with someone who tested positive for the virus. View Entire Post ›

Why The Coronavirus Is Killing Black Americans At Outsize Rates Across The US

“You can’t drive a bus or wash dishes on Zoom,” said one doctor. “These are people we count on to do essential jobs, and they are going unprotected.” View Entire Post ›

2020 election poll shows most voters still trust Trump over Biden on handling the economy

Former VP promising economic ‘transformation’ as president promises a pre-coronavirus rebound

Maryland offering coronavirus tests to asymptomatic people to support lockdown being lifted

District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia announced 93 new deaths on Tuesday, highest in five days

UAE flies first commercial flight to Israel

State-run news agency says aid shipment meant to curb coronavirus spread in ‘occupied Palestinian territory’

Coronavirus: Man allegedly shoots a Waffle House employee after being told to wear a face covering

Kelvin Watson, 27, faces charges of attempted first-degree murder

Netanyahu Slams Corruption Trial Against Him as Attempt at 'Toppling Me, in Any Way Possible'

Netanyahu is facing charges of fraud, bribery, and breach of trust in two criminal cases against him, which he already previously denounced as an attempt to bring him down. The criminal cases have long remained in limbo but three of them finally reached court last year.

21 Asian Male Celebs That Have Us Feeling Oh So Very Thirsty

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Meghan Markle Has Lost The First Stage Of A Legal Battle Over A Letter She Wrote To Her Father

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People In The Poorest Areas Of England And Wales Are Dying From Coronavirus At Twice The Rate Of Those In Better Off Areas

New official figures revealed a death rate in the most deprived neighbourhoods of 55.1 per 100,000 population, compared with 25.3 per 100,000 in the least deprived. View Entire Post ›

The Coronavirus Is A Disaster For The Media Industry, But Some Websites And Magazines Are Thriving

Some publications are flourishing by reflecting the new reality of lockdown life. View Entire Post ›

China 'briefly' detains army, ITBP jawans in Ladakh: Sources

China ‘briefly’ detains army, ITBP jawans in Ladakh: Sources

Maharashtra ATS arrests man for threatening to assasinate Yogi Adityanath

Maharashtra ATS arrests man for threatening to assasinate Yogi Adityanath

Sikkim reports first case as coronavirus tally in India crosses 1.25 lakh; states differ on air travel SOP

Sikkim reports 1st case as India’s virus tally crosses 1.25 lakh

Mumbai BJP sends notice to Shiv Sena for viral Fadnavis makeup photo

Mumbai BJP sends notice to Shiv Sena for viral Fadnavis makeup photo

Netflix's "Outer Banks" Cast Revealed A Ton Of Fun Behind-The-Scenes Secrets About Filming The Show

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Several drugs under trial for COVID-19, remedesivir leading contender

New Delhi, May 23: With a vaccine still a long distance away, efforts to repurpose old medications used for other ailments provide hope of an early counter to COVID-19, say scientists, placing the antiviral remdesivir on top of the list of

No food or water for days as trains run late, say migrants

New Delhi, May 23: Migrant workers returning to eastern Uttar Pradesh and Bihar have complained of inordinate delays and unhygienic conditions on board on special Shramik trains, leading to protests along the route. Several passengers resorted to hurling brickbats in the railway station on

Kerala will be able to survive any crisis after COVID-19: CM Vijayan

Thiruvananthapuram, May 23: Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Saturday said the state would be able to survive any other crisis after COVID-19 as it was in the forefront of developing innovative wasy to fight the pandemic. “Kerala

Tension mounts in Ladakh as China brings in more troops; India steps up vigil

New Delhi, May 23: Chinese military is fast increasing its troops in areas around Pangong Tso lake and Galwan Valley along the Line of Actual Control in Ladakh, sending a clear signal that it was not ready to end its

Step up monitoring: Govt asks 11 municipal areas that have accounted for 70 per cent COVID-19 case

New Delhi, May 23: Eleven municipal areas in seven states and union territories that have accounted for 70 per cent of India’s coronavirus case load were asked by the government on Saturday to step up monitoring in old cities, urban

People Are Copying And Pasting Themselves Into Photos As The Latest Meme About Coronavirus Isolation

“Me and the boys still having fun,” one man captioned a photo showing… eight versions of himself. View Entire Post ›

Barack Obama Was Hilariously Labeled A "Former Chicago Resident" In The New Michael Jordan Docuseries

“I thought I recognized that former Chicago resident.” View Entire Post ›

A Detroit Nurse Was Fired After Speaking Out About Her Hospital’s Handling Of The Coronavirus Outbreak. Now She’s Fighting Back.

Kenisa Barkai, who filed a whistleblower lawsuit against her former employer, says she threatened to alert state authorities to the problems in the long-beleaguered hospital. View Entire Post ›

A Natural Coronavirus Experiment Is Playing Out In Kentucky And Tennessee

The politically opposite neighboring states have had two different approaches to tackling the spread of COVID-19, and, some residents fear, two drastically different outcomes. View Entire Post ›

Trump Wants To Get The US Back To Work By Easter. Here’s Why That Would Be A Medical Disaster.

Even drastic interventions to limit the spread of the coronavirus take around 10 days to start to show an effect. The US still hasn’t put those measures into place. View Entire Post ›

17 Harrowing Pictures From The Front Lines Of The Coronavirus Pandemic

“I want these pictures and this story to be more than just statistics — I’d like people to really see what it looks like.” View Entire Post ›

Titanic telegraph machine can be removed despite 'remains of more than 1,500 people'

‘Transmissions sent among those ships’ wireless operators tell the story of Titanic’s desperate fate that night,’ salvage firm says

Rare inflammatory syndrome impacting children now in 25 US states, Cuomo says

PMIS discovered in 157 children in New York as CDC instructs doctors to alert officials to likely cases

Senate to vote on Trump's controversial pick for US intelligence chief

John Ratcliffe is a full-throated supporter of the president

As Trump feuds with Michigan over mail-in voting, governor seeks flood help

‘If people mail in ballots there’s a lot of illegality,’ president claimed without providing any evidence

Muslims Worldwide Start Celebrating End of Ramadan Under Continued Lockdown Restrictions

Eid al-Fitr festivities, which traditionally entail mass prayers, grand family feasts, and sprawling fairs have been expectedly overshadowed by lockdown measures, hitting people where it usually hurts most – their wallets.

US Ambassador Expresses Confidence in Australian Telecoms Security Following Pompeo Threats

The US appears to be ramping up its pressure campaign against Beijing through various diplomatic and economic means. One method the Trump administration appears to have employed is the encouragement of allies to abandon work with Chinese tech firms.

Why Did You Love Or Hate These TV Couples?

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The Entire "PLL" Cast Just Reunited And Here Are 12 Behind-The-Scenes Facts They Revealed

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This Leader Has Banned His Doctors From Saying The Word "Coronavirus" — And Refuses To Admit There Are Any Cases

In Turkmenistan, people are rounded up on the street just for speaking about the coronavirus, and doctors are banned from diagnosing it. View Entire Post ›

Menstrual Health Of Girls At Risk As Closed Schools Mean No Free Sanitary Napkins

With all the schools across the country shut for months due to coronavirus pandemic, the schoolgirls cannot avail the facility of free sanitary pads.

Any Complacency In Reopening May Have Disastrous Consequences For India: Yale University

A recent study by academicians from Yale School of Medicine and Harvard Medical School also found that Indians are at a much lower risk of contracting COVID-19 if red light areas are kept closed after the lockdown.

This Photographer Is Working To Document Species Before They Go Extinct

“Each species that we photograph is precious, irreplaceable, and in my mind, has a basic right to exist.” View Entire Post ›

20 Posts About Pugs That Prove They're The Most Ridiculous Dog Breed Ever

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‘Got your azaadi?’: Investigation into Delhi violence sparks concerns about bias against Muslims

Over the past two months, even as most of Delhi struggled to deal with the lockdown to combat Covid-19, the police have arrested hundreds of people for their alleged role in the communal violence that gripped the city late in February. Their actions in the midst of the pandemic have prompted allegations that the authorities […]

Premier League says two more people test positive for coronavirus

England’s Premier League on Saturday said that two more individuals from two different clubs have tested positive for coronavirus, just three weeks from a proposed restart of the season. In all, 996 players and club staff were tested over three days last week for COVID-19. “Of these, two have tested positive from two clubs,” said […]

Cyclone Amphan: ‘Working day and night,’ Mamata Banerjee asks for time to restore services in Bengal

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Saturday urged people to be patient and sought more time for restoration of essential services in the wake of the destruction caused by Cyclone Amphan. The state has suffered a loss of about Rs 1 lakh crore to infrastructure and crops and at least 86 people have died […]

Bundesliga: Bayern Munich see off Eintracht Frankfurt to maintain lead ahead of Dortmund showdown

Bundesliga leaders Bayern Munich resisted a second-half fightback by Eintracht Frankfurt to claim a 5-2 win behind closed doors ahead of Tuesday’s top-of-the-table clash at Dortmund. Bayern cruised into a 3-0 lead with goals by Leon Goretzka, the league’s top-scorer Robert Lewandowski and Thomas Mueller at the Allianz Arena before Frankfurt rattled the hosts. “We […]

25 Times "Teen Wolf" Made Me Ugly Cry

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Would You Save The Same "Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker" Characters As Everyone Else?

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It's Time To Find Out Which "Powerpuff Girl" You Are Most Like

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Can We Guess If Your Crush Likes You Back Or Not Based On The Baby Names You Pick For Every Letter Of The Alphabet?

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Which Sad Billie Eilish Song Should You Stream?

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Pick Your Favorite Disney Songs And We'll Tell You An Easy Dish To Make

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I Could Watch This Video Of Skylar Astin Reading Thirst Tweets Approx. 69 Times

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Francesca From "Too Hot To Handle" Spills Tea And Answers Your Burning Questions

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The Emails Promising Coronavirus-Protecting Masks Seemed Too Good To Be True. They Were.

Roughly a billion emails promoted overpriced face masks with misleading claims. The man selling them says it isn’t his fault. View Entire Post ›

Is It Unethical To Get Pregnant Right Now? Advice For The Coronavirus Era.

Our advice column on life under coronavirus tackles tennis, having a baby, and some guy who is showing everyone else up on Bumble right now. View Entire Post ›

UPDATE: The Company Running An Oregon Online Coronavirus Symptom Tracker Now Says It Won't Sell Your Data To Advertisers

The privacy policy for Vital’s coronavirus symptom tracker for Multnomah, Clackamas, and Washington counties had previously reserved the right to sell residents’ personal data. View Entire Post ›

Facebook Just Invested $5.7 Billion In India's Largest Telecom Carrier

The deal makes Facebook the largest minority shareholder in Jio. View Entire Post ›

As The US Battled The Coronavirus Pandemic, Twitter Accounts Linked To Iran Tried To Boost The Idea Of An Independent California

Not now, Iran! View Entire Post ›

The Los Angeles Police Department Says It Is Dumping A Controversial Predictive Policing Tool

PredPol is one of the oldest and most controversial predictive policing companies. The LAPD just said it will stop using it because of the coronavirus pandemic. View Entire Post ›

These Pictures Show Crowds Protesting Against Coronavirus Lockdowns At State Capitols

Conservative demonstrators gathered at the capitol buildings of Michigan, Kentucky, and North Carolina to protest against stay-at-home orders during a pandemic that has already left more than 26,000 Americans dead. View Entire Post ›

Some Republicans Oppose Letting Congress Vote Remotely During The Coronavirus Pandemic

House Democrats plan to let members who cannot travel to Washington due to the coronavirus to vote by proxy — allowing another member to cast their vote for them. View Entire Post ›

Landlords Are Illegally Evicting Tenants During The Coronavirus Pandemic. Lawyers Fear A “Tsunami” Of Evictions When State Moratoriums End.

Legal aid lawyers say they’re still seeing illegal evictions, and expect a surge in need from millions of newly unemployed tenants once state and local moratoriums end. View Entire Post ›

Chiropractors Are Feeding Their Patients Fake Information About The Coronavirus

One St. Louis–based chiropractor told 21 million viewers to fight the pandemic with zinc and tonic water. View Entire Post ›

'Now is not the time to completely relax': Europe should prepare for second wave, warns EU coronavirus chief

‘I don’t want to draw a doomsday picture but I think we have to be realistic,’ says Dr Andrea Ammon

Coronavirus: Sweden becomes country with highest coronavirus deaths per capita – but keeps bars and restaurants open

UK toll closely follows Scandinavian nation

Hungary closing transit zones for asylum-seekers

People will now have to present claims at Hungarian diplomatic missions

Venezuela Hails Iranian Gasoline Shipment as 'Landmark' in Defending Country's Sovereignty

Tehran earlier sent five ships reportedly carrying petrol and components needed to produce it from oil to the Latin American country as the two nations continue to suffer from the impact of US economic sanctions. There was a certain risk that the tankers could be intercepted by the US Navy in the Caribbean.

COVID-19 Threatens Indigenous People Of The Amazon

A remote Amazon town of mostly indigenous Brazilians is struggling to protect its population as the coronavirus spreads through the forest.

In Pakistan, Women Find Freedom In Quarantine Through Bikes

Like many places, Pakistan has seen a surge in bike riding during the pandemic. But the face of cyclists is changing in this conservative society as women venture onto the roads.

35 Childhood Moments That Were Wonderful Small Victories To Anyone Born Before 1999

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Pretend To Be In A Murder Mystery And We'll Tell You Which Character You'd Be

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15 Facepalm-Worthy Things Humans Recently Did During This Pandemic That Make Me Hope Aliens Aren't Watching

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Guatemalans Deported From The US Are Threatened With Violence At Home Over Coronavirus Fears

“They wrote that they didn’t want me here and that they were going to kill me.” View Entire Post ›

Social Distancing Made May Day Protests Look A Lot Different This Year

“The traditional means of protesting, gathering friends together, is unsafe at this time, so our protest looks like a car caravan.” View Entire Post ›

Horoscope Today, May 24, 2020: Know what your stars have for you

Horoscope Today, May 24, 2020: Know what your stars have for you

Assam reports 70 new Covid-19 cases, highest single-day spike, tally reaches 329

Assam reports 70 new Covid-19 cases, highest single-day spike, tally reaches 329

How Odisha dealt with Cyclone Amphan while battling Covid-19 pandemic

How Odisha dealt with Cyclone Amphan while battling Covid-19 pandemic

Maruti employee at Manesar plant tests positive for Covid-19

Maruti employee at Manesar plant tests positive for Covid-19

Sanjay Raut’s meeting with Maharashtra Governor raises eyebrows

Sanjay Raut’s meeting with Maharashtra Governor raises eyebrows

Daniel Radcliffe Read Thirst Tweets And I Can Confidently Say My Life Has Been Changed For The Better

Spoiler alert: He only JUST found out what thirst tweets were. View Entire Post ›

As tensions rise, India says change in status quo by China at LAC is not acceptable

New Delhi, May 24: The People’s Liberation Army of China has deployed additional troops along the disputed boundary with India. Even as the military officials of both countries have been in talks, they were unable to diffuse the

MP CM brings Tablighi back into COVID-19 narrative

New Delhi, May 24: Madhya Pradesh chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said Tablighi Jamaat members aided in the spread of coronavirus infection in the state particularly in Indore and Bhopal, and chided them for not acting “responsibly”. Chouhan told

Scientists Haven’t Found Proof The Coronavirus Escaped From A Lab In Wuhan. Trump Supporters Are Spreading The Rumor Anyway.

There’s much about the origins of the COVID-19 outbreak that scientists are still trying to discover. But animosity between the United States and China — and a bellicose American president — have made it harder to find the truth. View Entire Post ›

Instagram Is Rushing To Roll Out A Memorial Account Feature Because Of COVID-19 Deaths

“We’ve been working on these updates for some time, though this is one — among others — that we’ve accelerated in light of COVID-19 to help support our community during a difficult time.” View Entire Post ›

Smithfield Foods Is Blaming “Living Circumstances In Certain Cultures” For One Of America’s Largest COVID-19 Clusters

New details show how Smithfield Foods failed to take action in the crucial days before the plant turned into one of the nation’s largest coronavirus clusters. View Entire Post ›

Here’s A Breakdown Of What's Being Reported About Kim Jong Un’s Health

Basically: There’s very little reliable information out there right now. View Entire Post ›

Trump’s Coronavirus Briefings Are Just Another Chance For Him To Break Your Brain

There’s never been anything like Trump’s daily White House press conferences before. View Entire Post ›

These Pictures Show How You Can Hold An Election During The Coronavirus Pandemic

The pictures from elections for South Korea’s National Assembly are in sharp contrast to the scenes witnessed in Wisconsin last week. View Entire Post ›

If You Interacted With A Coronavirus Hoax On Facebook, You'll Soon Get An Alert

Social media companies have struggled to combat misinformation about the pandemic so far. View Entire Post ›

Coronavirus Antibody Tests Could Help Us Get Back To Normal — Or They Could Be The Next Testing Crisis

Hospitals and clinics are rushing to use antibody tests in an effort to determine who is immune to the coronavirus. But almost none of them have been verified by the FDA. View Entire Post ›

Record 38.6 million Americans file for unemployment aid as McConnell vows end to extra benefits

Staggering job losses continue even as many states across the country begin to reopen businesses amid the coronavirus pandemic

China proposes to sidestep Hong Kong government with controversial law against 'sedition'

Legislation would also ban any external interference in financial hub

Erdogan Discusses Situation in Syria, Libya With Trump, Ankara Says

ANKARA (Sputnik) – Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has discussed the situation in Libya and Syria, as well as the battle against COVID-19 in a phone conversation with US President Donald Trump, Erdogan’s office said on Saturday.