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    Paris hits 109 degrees in record-breaking heat wave

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  • Europe is in the middle of a life-threatening heat wave. Temperatures hit 99 degrees in London and Paris hit 109 degrees, the highest temperature ever recorded there. But the French capital is not prepared for the extreme heat. Ian Lee reports from Paris.

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    mkhuseli veto says:

    Africa is like: "Stop being babies its only 109 degrees"

    Covfefe Laqueefa says:

    It's hotter than a witches coochie out here

    Kenneth Ng says:

    It's time to make a root beer float made from 1664 French beer and Swiss Movenpick ice cream. Anybody?

    Sambal Oelek says:

    Omlet du fromage

    Philip Fontaine says:

    Wait for it, wait for it,,, MAN MADE CLIMATE CHANGE!

    thomas grabkowski says:

    the global weather is broken. 60 degree lows in texas and arkansas, places where it is generally over 100 degrees all summer. Meanwhile, in usually cold and rainy london and paris. It is in the triple digits

    Kraves says:

    Just go to the store and buy a tiny ac and put it in the window duh

    Eternal Zoom says:

    Me as an Arizonan in visiting France: Aaahhh the nice breeze in the air. Finally I can feel humidity in the air. a nice day to be outside. Casually walking with a pip in my step This feels just like our spring. passes by people that look like their melting with a water bottle people shocked that I am not fazed by the heat

    Omar Badr says:

    Use metric please. Do you have any idea how cumbersome it is to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius?

    Friendly enemy says:

    Laughs in Arab😂😂😂

    Prjndigo says:

    No, it didn't. ONE STATION hit 107°F in Paris, 105°F in Versailles(SW), 103°F in Poissy (NW), 106°F in Chartres (WW) but Chartres was reporting the AIRPORT, same as Paris etc. Airport stations *are not weather stations*.

    Korey says:

    This is norm in Texas

    ShadowMare Z says:

    The End is Near, Soon Earth will be inhabitable and everything will just die off from the heat….Great

    YouCanCallMeReTro says:

    Every time there's abnormal weather somewhere, people from places where that weather is normal just have to come and flex. You flexers are forgetting the fact that they don't have the same infrastructure to deal with it.

    MOTOR HEAD says:

    The only way to make a french take a shower….😂😂

    Ronald Okelberry says:

    It’s called SUMMER!
    We get a week or 3 of 115 degrees Fahrenheit every year.
    In the 1930 my great aunt taught the children of the Boulder Dam workers in temps up to 118 degrees with no air conditioning except wet sheets across windows and doors.
    It’s cooler NOW!
    Climates change with or without man or industrial progress.

    Jake Talamonti says:

    110 in Arizona the other day

    Rakxnn says:

    0:22 rip kid

    campos3452 says:

    California: Earthquakes much?

    Andres Sotelo says:

    Bull the government's of the world know what's really happening and if all of you people would Wake up and do some research yall would know too.

    Mr. Trapezius says:

    That's what happens when you let the MIGRANTS bring in their HOT WEATHER into your country!!!

    Emajay Rainey says:

    Really they’re so dramatic it’s not that hot lol

    Raptor Rex says:

    Now it up for the new generation to fix this thank you for letting us fix your problems you made

    Mike Heinz says:

    Global warming is not real
    (Listen for the laughter…..)

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