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    People frantically flee El Paso mall in active shooting

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  • #CNN #News Video posted on Snapchat shows people fleeing out of an El Paso, Texas, shopping mall during an active shooting.


    000236 000236 says:

    ERROR: Thoughts&Prayers.exe Stopped working.
    Press any key to restart.

    Peter Hunsader says:

    CNN fake news said this was at a mall! LMAO, They're so fake it's pitiful.

    Private One says:

    Death penalty?
    How many times can a murderer be killed?
    There will never be justice for victims of a mass murderer.
    Here, an eye for an eye will not work.
    Untill when skin color, nationality or natural resources will be a motive to go on a mass killing?
    Will a PURGE be necessary to even out population, wealth or power? That movie made my skin crawl and now I see it happening in low scale. Murderers get away with murder.
    God bless America.

    Peter Hunsader says:

    FAke again! It was at a Walmart, not a Mall! Fuck CNN fake news!

    hughjarrse says:

    America has a racist president…. and Mexicans are paying, a Trump supporting shit stain shouting "send them back" as he shot them.

    N3GL3CTFOUNDER says:

    Girl on right looks like a crack head or former crack head. And by the way let the media try and tell you what to do. Stay at home and don’t come outside. Marshal law coming together now.

    John Lennon says:

    really shitting video footage. crisis control.

    Ben Warrik says:

    false flag BS

    BigLebowski2000 says:

    Thanks to Trump with his racist remarks. Scary president.

    Super Brit says:

    Good old USA, no problem with guns or their gun laws is there???? Dumb ass Yanks comes to mind, in what society is it right where you can walk into a local store and purchase military spec weapons? The paranoid Yanks think that the more guns they have the safer they will be? Only 320 million guns within 300 million people in the US and the brain dead Yanks cannot work out where the problem is? You only have to look at the retarded President that they have to see that the US is one fooked up and backwards country…………….

    Hunfootball says:

    another white hero?

    Daytona dream says:

    Too much of hate in america. How does one even buy an assault rifle? Is there no restrictions on the type of firearm you allowed to own.in my country applying for a firearm license takes up to a year and this is for a normal hand gun.maybe govrmnt needs to beef up the process of applying for a gun permit assuming a permit is easily obtainable.

    salwa Balwa says:


    ItsVibe says:

    I see alot of people saying 'so many people not phased by this i hate this country', im sorry but the USA specifically has done nothing to protect their citizens from this and from commuting this, their has been nothing in place to protect from these situations so it just keeps happening, yes it's a tragedy. But if yall are just going to let these mentally ill and sick people this open to firearms then ypur just as bad yourselves, the world is a sick and twisted place, that's people will kill for no reason other than their own self gratitude, what needs to happen is change to prevent this.

    samialbeik says:

    WHO GIVES A SHIT ABOUT THOSE SHOOTINGS? -> NOBODY AND THATS WHY IT CONTINUES. Yeah sure thing, you don't want this … but you don't want to change the thing that is making it possible for these people to do it -> YOUR GUNLAWS. All other countries have solved this, just do THE FUCK THE SAME. Remember trump wanting to stop it by banning bumb stocks -> 1 visit from NRA and he never talked about it again, HE DIDN*T GIVE A FUCK, and you still loved him. So stop the winning and accept the logical consequences of freely available guns and open carrie policies, and ''pretend'' background checks from the NRA. Take your thoughts and prayer and stick them up your ass, this will continue until you do something about it.

    Ruderaksha Karwa says:

    You Americans act so smart and intelligent all the time and to the rest of the world , but damn you people are dumb af. So many mass shootings yet nobody has the balls to ban guns.
    Well if you guys don’t stand up soon, you will outnumber the graves of the red indians in no time.
    My heart goes out to the victims. Very sad. Hope you guys find a great leader soon who speaks up.

    Berend Springbok says:

    Just read two articles about it and they literally gave the fact that it could be a white nationalist attack four lines. Condolences to the victims involved.

    salwa Balwa says:


    Kevin Solano says:

    If he was Arabian he would've been considered terrorist🤦‍♂️

    Mohammed AMZAY says:

    And a lot of you in the comments think that a race is better than the other , thats very good ….rise your kids to this stupid racist opinion .
    I'm from north Africa ,Around me neighbors black white …muslim ,jewish …all live in peace , you color or your relegion don't show if you are Good or Bad …
    it's the way you treat people around

    Jiulin Wu says:

    Again, again and again…

    Martin Podmore says:

    That's a man in the yellow dress

    Beelzebub says:

    White People are getting crazy, Chris hedges war right

    Ismaile Maataoui says:

    If a non muslim crazy arab man does he gets called islamic terrorist and all peaceful muslims around the world gets attacked by right wing people and media, if a far-right wing crazy man does he gets called shooter and after 2 weeks all people don’t care. I mean as a muslim who loves peace and my christian jew and non believing friends this hurts so much.

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