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  • Police ID 3 Men Killed In Long Beach House Party Shooting

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  • Victims of a deadly shooting at a Long Beach Halloween party were identified by police Thursday as the shooter remained at large.


    Max R says:

    How many people want to bet that the gun used here was not purchased LEGALLY and was not a "Fully Automatic Assault Rifle".

    RIP to those who lost their lives.

    Highly Medicated says:

    She really thought America was a safe place? Does she not know we are the gun capital of the world?

    c a t h e a d says:

    My condolences 😔

    Kevin Fernandez says:

    Mexicans of course

    Bobby says:

    Good riddance.
    What a great way to celebrate Halloween indeed!
    lol XD

    Happy Halloween!!

    Mrs. Lovely says:

    My condolences 🙏. I pray for JUSTICE

    The Dragking252 says:

    Didn't make CNN , Msnbc or fox all day coverage

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